Gotham Knights fans weren’t happy with the Gear roster


Last week, Warner Bros. showed. Latest look at Gotham Knights, the cooperative action game that allows players to control Nightwing, Batgirl, Red Hood and Robin. The 13-minute video provided a glimpse into several aspects of Gotham Knights that were left undisplayed. One such aspect was the game’s Gear menu. It may have aired too soon, though, with some fans expressing interest in it Gotham Knights They encountered a problem with the design of the menu.

Small but growing thread Gotham Knights The subreddit called attention to the gear menu shown recently Gotham Knights gameplay trailer. In a derogatory claim, Reddit user AdZealousideal6959 said they “hate” Gotham Knights“Gear menu” as it looks “from a mobile game”. The Reddit user did not elaborate on his claim. They only provided a picture taken from the trailer showing the gear menu, Nightwing gear, and gear grades.

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While the Reddit user didn’t elaborate on his issue with the gear menu, his frustrations may have been assumed. To start, it can be said that the list is very basic. There are only three items included in Nightwing’s inventory, the Suit, the Melee, and the Ranged Equipment. On top of that, the UI elements are bulky, as if they were meant for fingertips rather than more precise controls. And if there had to be another reason, the values ​​might be, like 214 for strength, 160 for health, 460 for armor, etc. The numbers appear as confusing and not helpful.

to be fair Gotham KnightsNot everyone agreed with the sentiment by any means. The top comment in the Reddit thread says they don’t think people really know what a mobile game is anymore. Other responses dismiss it as lazy criticism, an easy streak that doesn’t really reflect what they don’t like. Another less complimenting response says it looks like “any generic gear screen”.

There are still more than five months left before Gotham Knights So it’s entirely possible that the game’s final rosters haven’t come out yet. On the other hand, if what was shown in the trailer is not semi-finished content, it probably will not be shown.

Gotham Knights She seems to have some high expectations on top of that. It is not a sequel to Batman Arkham games, but many still view it as a continuation of those versions. It has also been in development for a long period of time, and has been commercialized for a long time as well. The gear menu isn’t likely to put any player off, but early criticism is always a troubling trend.

Gotham Knights Releases October 25th on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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