Gotham Knights Nightwing transformed into a DC eagle

When the long-awaited joke Gotham Knights Dropped, fans were eager to see the action play. Many wanted to see how this new RPG from WB Games Montréal could stack up to a level Batman: Arkham series, which remains to this day the gold standard for any BatmanRelated video game.

Fortunately, a clip was released that was recorded over 13 minutes in length, detailing the open world of Gotham and what Bruce Wayne’s followers will do in the aftermath of his death. Fans learned more about their new base, the Bell Tower, how they were acclimating, and got to know the field. In the process, the video confirmed that Nightwing will be essentially a DC version of Vulture.

In the Marvel universe, Adrian Toomes and others who have donned the mantle of Vulture have relied on robotic wings to wrap. at Gotham KnightsDick Grayson will use technology similar to Toomes’ technology, particularly in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This is Fast Bat, which allows Nightwing to fly around the city at high speed. The design has also been modified in different Spider Man Animation, but while they felt cheesy, Dick’s sleek design gives it a more modern look as a military app.

However, it is not designed for stealth, but for speed, which Nightwing would need to overtake Gotham by criminals. With Jim Gordon also dead and the Court of Owls up, Dick will have to move faster. Although he might spoil his black ops technique for something a bit more noisy, it’s much more efficient. It remains to be seen if it will feature any weapons like lasers or rocket launchers, but given how insistent Dick was that his group of guards needed a badass arsenal, it’s easy to see the eagle-like setup being modified to be a war machine with the effects of a Batwing present.

In addition, Dick can fly around with a glider known as Flying Trapeze. This isn’t the same as Fast Bat in the sense that they’re not attached to Nightwing’s back, but Dick feels this eagle in how he grabs him, and takes him across town. This hover motion is much quieter, so it’s a kind of discreet Dick often uses in place of noisy rockets and engines.

Fans have pointed out that his hands can get tired and that seems impractical, but Dick is one of DC’s all-time champions. In addition, he has his own circus background – ergo the name of the instrument. Ultimately, the principle is the same, with a flying hero in Gotham’s skies, looking to protect people rather than rob them. Granted, Nightwing could have had simpler, more compact wings like in the ’90s animated series, but while those wings are a bit bulkier, just like the Batcycle, they add drama. All in all, they give an intimidating presence in a game that promises plenty of intense high-octane action.

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