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Sometimes, viewers want to delve into a new brand experience Amazon Prime A series but you don’t have enough time to devote to the multiple seasons some offer. Fortunately, some shows pride themselves on being short but memorable experiences for viewers to either enjoy in one night or watch over the course of a week or so without feeling like there is any obligation. These miniseries are becoming increasingly popular and tend to tell some amazing stories.

Despite having less time for character development or a touching story, the makers of some of these shows rarely disappoint. They cram beautiful stories into such a short amount of time and often leave viewers begging for more. For anyone who is looking for a new series but doesn’t have a lot of time, these cute little series are all great options.

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7 night manager

night manager It is probably one of the most popular mini-series on Amazon Prime. After all, she does co-star Oliva Coleman and Tom Hiddleston. However, regardless of the A-list cast, this show tells the touching story of an ex-soldier trying to kill the man who murdered his lover.

It’s a gritty action series packed with some great scenes, some great acting, and a story that would make most viewers want more. Because of this hypothesis, night manager He won countless awards and many are still calling for a second season, although none has yet been commissioned. It’s also only six episodes long.

6 ABC Murders

Tells the classic tale of one of Agatha Christie’s famous books, ABC Murders It is a fantastic crime show that allows viewers to guess the killer as he progresses. It stars John Malkovich, Ruper Grint, Eamonn Farren, and many other great actors that many will recognize.

Ultimately, with only three episodes, this is a great crime show to binge-watch while trying to figure out who the author of ABC’s signed letters really is. As with most Poirot’s films, books, and shows, the killer ends up being the last person most viewers suspect.

5 laboratory

Created and originally published by the BBC, this six-part mini-series is the touching story of a young man convinced to join a counter-terror informant program to save himself from criminal charges and his mother from deportation. As is often the case with crime programs like this, it is never as easy as hiding in the shadows and getting off without any issues.

It’s a fascinating look at the life of religion, terrorism, and the dark corners of London that many don’t see. This show is a thriller at heart and a crime show on the surface, but there’s a lot of lying inside a show like laboratory.

4 strange long journey

The majority of popular mini-series on Amazon Prime come from crime and thriller genres, although there are some great sitcoms as well. It’s very rare to see a successful documentary on such a short run. However, when it comes to Grateful Dead and a bit of rock ‘n’ roll, it’s relatively easy to see why the show is so popular.

It’s a thrilling and often shocking dive into the popularity of The Grateful Dead in America and tells the story of how they managed to achieve success as they are. This show is perfect for any music fan or documentary buff who wants to learn more about how the music industry works and what the Grateful Dead has done to achieve success.

3 river

river It is a great psychological crime drama that tells the story of a detective who seems to be able to communicate with the ghosts of murder victims. It is the type of tale where viewers can watch a man enter and exit the world of the living as he uses his unique skills to solve murders.

However, in doing so, many bear witness to the protagonist struggling to untangle the line between sanity and madness, as these murders – along with the loss of a mate – put an incredible weight on his soul. It’s sweeping the whole road and bringing something new to the mini-series genre.

2 forever

Starring Maya Rudolph and Fred Armisen, it’s relatively clear that this show is going to be a great comedy. These two seem to work so well together that anything they star in just works. This is the case for foreveris a rom-com about two people just trying to spice up their lives from the normalcy they find themselves trapped in.

It’s a great exploration of the monotony of life and how many people are fighting to get out of repeating the same cycle every day. All with some great comedy and a few unexpected turns that make this an easy but rewarding watch.

1 Anzac girls

The main characters may seem easy when compared to the characters in Anzac girls. This period drama explores the stories of nurses and many other women who experienced the atrocities of World War II and how they dealt with such traumatic events.

It’s a great show about strong women and highlights the unseen heroes of this terrible war. What makes it even more interesting and engaging is the idea that each episode is based on a true story. It’s a particularly emotional show and it might be hard to watch for some, but this show is beautiful inside and out.

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