GrimGrimoire game trailer reveals once again Remastered, Cast preview – News


The game will be released on PS4, Switch on July 28

Nippon Aichi program The third promotional video for . has started broadcasting Grimoire oncea modified version of Vanillware’s Grimoire Play Station 2 vs. game Play Station 4 and nintendo converts. The video reveals and reviews the new cast members.

The cast includes:

The game will launch in Japan on July 28.

The modified version of the real-time 2D strategy game will include improved high-resolution visuals, new soundtracks and new features such as “Great Magic” and “Skill Trees”. There will be new save options for fast forward and in battle, as well as a new hard difficulty.

The original game for PS2 was launched in 2007 in Japan and the West.

sources: Nippon Aichi program‘s Youtube ChannelAnd 4 jammer (簗 島)

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