Gundam Franchise’s annual sales top 100 billion yen for the first time – News


Bandai Namco Holdings I reported on Wednesday that mobile suit gundam Franchise Earning 101.7 billion yen (about $783 million) across subsidiaries of the entire holding group in the fiscal year ending March 2022. This is the first time Franchise Earn more than 100 billion yen (about 770 million US dollars) in one fiscal year.

Earnings are 7% more than the previous year, when it earned 95 billion yen (about $731 million), and nearly double from the previous year. Franchise in 2010. This figure aggregates revenue from across the group’s portfolio, which includes television and theatrical anime, games, merchandise, events, toys and hobby goods – in particular Gundam plastic models. game part of Franchise It also saw steadily increasing profits, generating 44.2 billion yen (about $340 million) in fiscal 2021, nearly three times the 2010 profit of 15 billion yen (about $115 million).

The Gundam Franchise Now accounts for more than 10% of sales Bandai Namco Holdings. Company sales to Dragon Ball Franchise Still higher at 127.6 billion yen (about 983 million US dollars), but unlike Dragon BallAnd Bandai Namco Holdings is the primary intellectual property rights holder of Gundam.

Company projects that Franchise It will earn 119 billion yen (about $916 million) in the next fiscal year, or about 13% of the company’s projected total sales of 880 billion yen (about $6.7 billion).

source: Business Animation Magazine (Tadashi Sudo)

Disclosure: Bandai Namco Filmworks Inc. , which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Bandai Namco Holdings Inc. , is a non-controlling and minority shareholder in Anime News Network Inc.

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