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When it comes to Hello TV show, one thing is crystal clear. The series didn’t deliver what fans of the video game franchise expected. While Covenant members appeared here and there, Paramount+’s show was largely devoid of the kind of actions people would likely expect. The war between aliens and humans was largely a cold war, with skirmishes here and there. There have been a few episodes that showed how exaggerated the UNSC match was when it came to facing the show’s big villains multiple times, but mostly the first seven episodes were all about setting up the pieces on the board.

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It looks like the game has finally started in Allegiance. Or, at least, all the pieces were finally laid out on the board for both sides. The penultimate episode seems to be setting the stage for what could certainly be a very crazy finale. It makes sense that the first season should be the base because it’s been known for a long time Hello It was renewed for a second season even before the first season premiered. While there were times when it felt like the series was on its wheels, the final episode seemed to finally pay off whatever was still in place before it.

Things take a turn in the balance of power between the UN Security Council and the Covenant right from the start, as humans run and hide largely with their artifacts. The alien forces aren’t just sitting around and waiting for them to show their faces. Instead, they go after human settlements and once again appear to be a little stronger than what humanity is prepared to deal with. This culminates with one particular scene that is brilliantly done when it comes to showing not only how weak the UN Security Council really is but also showing a bit of real humanity among armed forces that have often been portrayed as killing machines.

When it is revealed that the Covenant killed more than 11 million people, and not only killed them but essentially wiped out their settlement from the face of the planet, what is at stake is revealed very quickly. All this happens as John and Mackie discover more about each other and seem to fall in love. These scenes show a human side to both characters that was often lacking, even though they seemed to be showing off a bit. Hello Episode 7. Although at the time, she felt like Mackie was just basically acting, now it really seems like she’s being indoctrinated back into the fold as a full human.

One thing can be said about Hello The series is such that its star appears to be hitting his stride as the season continues. While the Master Chief’s character was obviously stoic and even wooden, it still felt like Pablo Schreiber was mostly going through the character’s playing moves. Subsequent episodes apparently allowed the actor to step more into the character’s combat boots and truly make it his own. This episode continues that evolution and it’s now starting to feel as if Schreiber really is, Master Chief.

While there was certainly early opposition about seeing the Master Chief without his helmet, the way the show presented his story, it certainly makes more sense. The show needed to show that he was more than just a guy in a suit. This may still not fit with some of the video game series’ biggest fans, but this is how the Paramount + plus series chose to go and it certainly seems to fit right in with the story the writers and showrunner want to tell. .

While a large part of the story focuses on the relationship between John and Makee, there is also a lot going on behind the scenes. This includes the almost complete ostracism of Dr Halsey by the UN Security Council in a way that is in fact completely counterproductive. Much like the show was slowly building the “humanity” in Master Chief, the series has also slowly shown what evil Halsey really is when she doesn’t get everything she wants.

In this episode, she works behind the scenes almost from the start and sets a trap for many different characters on the show. Like the best villains in TV and movies, she shows her hand late enough that it’s totally believable she could turn against the people she’s worked with completely. She’s also been a bit of a possum when it comes to what she can do and how she basically managed to undermine the UN Security Council, the Master Chief and the Spartans in one fell swoop.

Since this episode is all about putting the pieces on the board for the last time before the game really begins, there’s quite a bit of drama and suspense at the end of the installment. There is a bit of familial animosity among the Spartans, as well as an interesting revelation when it comes to the history of Dr. Halsey, the UN Security Council, and the people in charge of the human armed forces. Then there is the ingrained distrust of strangers which is totally understandable and thus incredibly frustrating.

There is a lot of talk about how humans are far from perfect. In fact, it is actually quite dangerous. It’s one of the more interesting twists in this episode of Halo because Halsey is clearly trying to manipulate Mackie when she shows how bad humanity is, but these manipulations are proven true by the end of the episode. It also turns out that humans made some moves that would almost certainly come back to bite her. All in all, it’s one of the season’s best installments so far largely because it does a great job of teasing what’s to come, while still offering plenty of exciting stories of its own.

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4.5 out of 5 (must watch)

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