Halsey calls up body comments on New Tiktok: Everything to know


Recently, Halsey calls out out-of-body comments on New Tiktok. The “Bad at Love” singer shared how things changed after the birth of her child. She was hospitalized several times but it was excruciating. a reason? It was due to hypersensitivity.

Halle was diagnosed with several diseases. More specifically with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, Sjögren syndrome, mast cell activation syndrome, and POTS. Well, still looking for the causes of these which could be another type of autoimmune disease.

Well, because of those, a lot of people commented on her pictures because she looks “unhealthy”. Celebrities often receive unwanted criticism, especially regarding their appearance. But, Halsey has now reached out to Tiktok with a video, saying it was because she wasn’t healthy but was struggling at the time. Dig more to know in detail.


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Halsey calls out out-of-body comments on New Tiktok

The “You Must Be Sad” singer was overwhelmed by comments about her appearance. She responds, “You look sick” by saying:BC I am! Let me live!

Last Wednesday, on Tiktok, Halsey made a neutral face while several comments appeared on screen around her. Many suggested she “put some meat on those bones”. Well, another said, “She’s too skinny.” Above the video, a song with the words “I already know” is played. It was sung by Walworth and Howell.

Halsey calls out out-of-body comments on New Tiktok
Hayley, take a blank look while receiving healthy comments

In April, she opened up about undergoing surgery, before the Grammys happened. On May 6, she posted photos of her undergoing allergy testing. Days later, she told her fans that she suffers from four types of ailments previously mentioned. In July 2021, Halsey welcomed her baby Inder with her partner Elif Aydin.

Even then, she received comments about her body. She did not reveal anything about her but opened up while performing on SNL. Now, she asserted that “I will never get my ‘prenatal body back’ back no matter how it changes physically because I’ve now given birth to a baby! “

Despite being diagnosed with several illnesses, Halsey started her last tour on May 17, 2022. Hats off! She said in this note, “Honestly, I’m really excited to go for a ride because it keeps my mind off everything and keeps my body healthy because I’m very active and I do cardio and stuff every day. And I’ll see you guys.Best wishes to Halsey on her next releases, hoping she gets better soon.

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