Harrison Ford’s best action movies, ranked

Harrison Ford She was born in the entertainment industry to radio actress Dorothy Needleman and former actor turned advertising director Christopher Ford. Ford became fond of acting after taking a semester in college to overcome his shyness and would contribute to one season of Summer Stock with the Belfry players. After dropping out of college, Ford moved to California and signed a contract with Columbia Pictures, through the New Talent program that would provide $150 per week for small parts in films. After landing some uncredited roles, Ford switched gears to television series with Universal Pictures and had minor roles in many popular shows including but not limited to gun smokeAnd FBI, And kung fu sport.

Throughout the 1970s, Ford was earning himself small roles in bigger films including American graffiti And End of the world now. His big break would eventually come in 1977 when George Lucas cast him as Han Solo Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope. He will go on to reprise the role as a solo for the next two installments of the original star Wars triple, Empire strikes And Return of the Jedibefore returning to the character again in The force wakes up. The actor cemented his status as a leading man with his role as an Indiana Jones icon in Raiders of the Lost Astronomy. The Indiana Jones Franchise will generate 3 sequels, Temple of DeathAnd The Last Crusade And The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Fifth batch Indiana Jones 5 It is scheduled to be launched in June 2023.

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Today’s movie

10 Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Presenting an opportunity to media mogul George Lucas in the 1970s would change the face of Harrison Ford’s career forever as he would eventually go on to star in two major Lucas-related franchises, Indiana Jones And star Wars. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom It is the second installment in the action-adventure franchise and follows a famous archaeologist in his search for the Sophie Sankara Stone who is said to curse everyone who comes across. While there is nothing really bad Indiana Jones Movie, Temple of Death It ranks lowest on his list of best action movies due to its portrayal of the xenophobic South Indian culture, per Little white liesand the film’s darker tone, which deviates from other films in the franchise.

9 Blade Runner

Blade Runner It is a dystopian science fiction film based on the novel by Philip K. rooster Unexcused absence?. It chronicles a future Los Angeles where bioengineered humans or “replicas” are exploited to work in space colonies. When a group of rogue clones return to Earth, a reluctant police officer Rick Deckard (Ford) agrees to go after them. Blade Runner It was initially released to a lackluster response, but has since been considered one of the best science fiction films ever.

8 Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade It is one of Harrison Ford’s best action movies due to the harmony between Ford and his onscreen father Sean Connery. The cute father and son banter between the two is enough to keep fans coming back for more. Moreover, the excitement intensifies as Andy, or “Junior” as his father calls him, is once again battling the Nazis. This time, to save his father who has mysteriously disappeared while searching for the infamous Holy Grail.

7 frenzied

In a movie that reminds us of his future movie fugitiveAnd frenzied He sees Dr. Richard Walker (Ford) searching for answers about the disappearance of his wife Sondra, who disappeared from their hotel room in Paris after accidentally switching bags with someone at the airport. Upon arriving at the hotel, Sondra receives a phone call while Richard is in the bathroom and disappears shortly thereafter. After seeking help from the police and the embassy and getting nothing but bureaucracy, Richard enlists the help of a drug smuggler he meets on the street with his wife’s briefcase.

6 A clear and present danger

Before John Krasinski fills the shoes of CIA agent Jack Ryan, a slew of other actors, as explained by them USA TODAY, who earned the title, including Harrison Ford, and is the only actor to reprise his role in a second film. The second movie in 1994 A clear and present dangerwhich shows Ryan confronting a Colombian drug cartel and a double agent plotting to exterminate a US black ops team. A clear and present danger It is one of Ford’s best action movies because it improves on the formula previously introduced Jack Ryan Movies chase red october (starring Alec Baldwin as Ryan) and patriot games.

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5 Air Force One

Air Force One It is one of Harrison Ford’s best action films because it follows the formula of one of the most famous action films of all time: die hard. Air Force One is basically die hard…on a plane. Ford plays the fictional President of the United States James Marshall. After taking a public pledge in Moscow to never negotiate with terrorists, Marshall and his family board Air Force One for their return to the United States. The flight is promptly hijacked by a terrorist group demanding the release of General Radek, a new Soviet dictator. Unbeknownst to terrorist leader Igor Korshunov (Gary Oldman), POTUS hides in a cargo hold and stealthily kills invaders one by one to save his family and civilians. Even if one hasn’t seen the movie, one is likely to be familiar with Ford’s classic “get off my plane” line.

4 Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope

In his breakthrough role as space hacker Han Solo, Ford steals the show as Captain Millennium Falcon who teams up with the Rebel Alliance to restore justice in the galaxy. Although originally hired to help with auditions (as Lucas wanted new faces in the film), Ford eventually beat Lucas and the role he had fierce competition at the time. Other actors considered for Solo are Kurt Russell, Christopher Walken, Bill Murray, and Chevy Chase. New hope It is one of Ford’s best action movies because it is without a doubt the movie that made him a star.

3 Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back

Ford reprises his role in the second installment of the original star Wars Triple Empire strikesFord’s Solo is frozen in carbonite and kidnapped by legendary bounty hunter Boba Fett. The darkness of the three films in the trilogy, Empire The now-famous final scene in Medical Bay where the Rebel Alliance gather to devise a plan to rescue Solo was never supposed to be in the movie. according to tweet Written by Mark Hamill, “Filmed 4 months after principal photography ended on #ESB, it wasn’t a ‘reshoot,’ but an extra scene.” Concerned about the pessimistic ending and the total defeat of the protagonists, they wanted to add a moment of hope and renewal to reassure the audience. “

2 fugitive

In one of Harrison Ford’s best action movies, Ford plays vascular surgeon Dr. Richard Kimball who is unjustly convicted of killing his wife. On their way to the prison, some other prisoners devised a prison escape plan that goes awry, destroying the prison bus in a stunning scene featuring a real train wreck. Once released, Kimble sets out to find the “armed man” responsible for his wife’s brutal death. He was quickly followed up by the equally ambitious First Vice President of the United States Marshall Samuel Gerrard (Tommy Lee Jones). fugitive It is widely regarded as one of the best action movies of the ’90s and sees Ford at the top of his game.

1 Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark

Raiders of the Lost Astronomy It’s the most popular action-adventure movie ever, not to mention one of the greatest ever made – how could it not also be Ford’s best action movie? The first in the franchise, it follows a famous archaeologist on his quest to recover a lost relic said to possess the indomitable power known as the Ark of the Covenant. Paving the way for the upcoming third installment The Last CrusadeJones encounters Dr. René Belloc and Nazi German forces who are also searching for relics for even more nefarious reasons.

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