Harry Potter characters who make the dumbest decisions


Lots of characters in Harry Potter The series turned into heroes who saved the day more than once. This is true even for those who were originally introduced by Harry and were seen as villains (such as Severus Snape). But even though Harry and his friends and allies eventually win their battle against Voldemort, that doesn’t mean they always made the right decisions.

On more than one occasion Harry Potter The characters made an unwise or sometimes stupid choice. In some cases, these bad choices did not go unpunished and the lives of the heroes became much more difficult.

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5 Dumbledore: Giving Gryffindor Too Many Points

As a principal at Hogwarts, Dumbledore shouldn’t prefer one house over another. However, the series shows several times that he prefers Gryffindor to other Houses, or at least, to Slytherin. This was evident at the beginning of the first movie when Slytherin was supposed to win the House Cup that year. This all changes when Dumbledore gives a lot of points to Harry and his friends – in fact, it’s just enough to change the score and make Gryffindor win the cup instead. While it is true that Harry and the other Gryffindors deserve recognition for their actions, by doing so, Dumbledore is effectively demoralizing the students of Slytherin.

They’ve worked all year to earn enough points and win, and at the last possible moment Dumbledore undermines the effort of the Slytherin students and can also destroy their motivation to try again next year because they believe Dumbledore will pull the same trick next year. In other words – he does a good enough job to make a quarter of the students feel that no matter what they do, it just isn’t good enough.

4 Lockhart: Trying to fix Harry’s arm and competing with Snape

Gilderoy Lockhart starts out as a new Hogwarts teacher, but soon turns out to be horrible at teaching…in magic…and in everything a Hogwarts teacher should be able to do. It was no surprise when the film later revealed that Lockhart was a con man who stole the achievements of witches and other magicians and pretended to be his. The problem is that Lockhart knows it’s just a scam and can’t do magic. However, he repeatedly puts himself in situations where he has to show his magical skills in front of others – and each time, he fails in a rather amazing way.

When he quarrels with Severus Snape, Snape clears the floor with Lockhart. And when Lockhart tries to heal Harry’s arm after Harry falls from his broom, Lockhart removes all of Harry’s arm bones instead. This does not instill confidence in him and does not support Lockhart’s carefully built reputation as a powerful magician. The best course of action for Lockhart would be to walk away and let someone else do the job. But then again, he’s arrogant enough not to let others shine the spotlight on him, regardless of the consequences.

3 The Weasleys: They didn’t take their rat to the vet earlier

The Weasleys are far from stupid, but they fail to realize that something might happen with their rat when said rat lives much longer than rats are supposed to. Even Hermione’s cat (which Ron calls stupid…oh, what a paradox!) realizes that there is something fishy about the rat. And one of the first things Sirius Black points out is that twelve years is a long life for an ordinary mouse.

The Weasleys should have taken their rat to a magical vet or other scientist a long time ago to find out exactly what’s going on. Or at least, they could keep a close eye on the Scabbers in order to spot any suspicious behavior or health issues that might be expected of such an ancient rat.

2 Polygamy: Questionable Romances

Romance is complicated, and Harry Potter Characters often learned this the hard way. While some couples were able to make it work for the long haul, other relationships turned out to be really dumb decisions. When Ron and Hermione were denying their feelings for each other and dating other people (mostly to make the other jealous), it didn’t go well. Ron dated Lavender Brown who clung to him and Hermione had the unpleasant experience on a date with Cormac McClagn.

There’s also Harry’s poorly timed romance with Cho – they met after Cedric’s death and Cho is still upset about Cedric’s death and cried a lot, something Harry didn’t sympathize very much with. But no one was nearly as bad as Dumbledore who fell in love with Grindelwald when they were young, only to discover that the object of his affection was an evil wizard.

1 Harry and Ron: Act like sausage sometimes

Even though Harry was the series’ protagonist, that doesn’t mean he was always sympathetic. Harry can be impulsive, moody and rude. This was especially true in the fifth movie. It turns out later that it wasn’t entirely his fault and also, teens often struggle to keep their emotions in check, but that doesn’t change the fact that the damage has already been done. Harry managed to break off his relationship with Chu, argued with his friends, and most importantly did not take his magic lessons seriously, which in turn led to the death of Sirius Black.

Then Ron had the same problem, especially when he was jealous of Harry or Hermione. When Ron thought Harry had put his name into the Goblet of Fire, he stopped talking to his friend. And when Hermione was having a good time with Victor Krum at the ball, Ron made sure to spoil her joy. Not to mention he and Harry gave up on their dates completely, which wasn’t fair to either Parvati or Padma, who had the misfortune of going to the ball with two guys wanting to take someone else.

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