Has Luffy finally defeated Kaido?!


In my opinion this is not the end of Wano. Kaido has been fighting nonstop for 63 chapters (Big Mom fought for 3 days, then fought nine Red Stars and five Supernovas, then Luffy and Yamato and finally Luffy again), with incredible feats of strength and constantly being attacked. without eating.

Kaido is very durable and has high endurance, but he is tired and weak. He’s starting to falter in the last fight with Luffy.

It was said in Chapter 1049 that Kaido was only “defeated” when he was hungry and this is mentioned in the same chapter as his downfall. Oda subtly tells us about his next plan for the arc.

Furthermore, Kaido is a pirate determined by his defeats – he is the only character in the story so far with such an introduction.

We also know that there is currently a festival with FOOD going on right now, where Kaido is relaxed right now. This is a great opportunity for Kaido to oppress the citizens of Wano, steal their food, and regain his power in Flower Capital.

A similar moment occurred just 30 chapters ago, where Luffy ate his entire Caribou inventory to return in Chapter 1021 (plus many other moments in the story).

With all the raid members currently being kicked out of Onigashima with Zou Water, Wano’s team would be in the same place. Everyone has been dismissed so far, but Onigashima is relegated and the battle is on an open playing field now.

The story does not end here – Kaido’s memories are just beginning, Wano country is not open, people are still hungry, Kaido is not out of the country, etc…

Kaido is all about betrayal and individual strength, and the Luffy crew still needs to prove their ideology wrong. He is the opposite of Luffy as an individual. Oda will wrap up these plot threads, and we’ll finally reach the climax. Oda tells us directly what will happen with these two lanterns on the last page of chapter 1049

The main objective will change from defeating Kaido to Onigashima to saving all the citizens of Wano in WANO. The citizens of Wano must witness Kaido’s defeat.

Chapter 3 is not over yet, but the end is in sight.

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