Has the terrace house been cancelled?

This following mentions self-harm and suicide.

Netflix’s history is full of canceled shows. Fans of shows often leave like radiate And go down Disappointed to see the stories they invested in are not over yet. The last round of cuts that marked the end of Steve Carells space force and Michael B Jordan raise debts are the latest examples.

Not every show under the Netflix banner gets canceled due to budgets, viewership, or even Netflix’s choice for that matter. balcony houseIt is a Japanese reality show on Netflix that was broadcast and co-produced with Fuji TV, and was canceled in 2020 before all episodes of its current season aired. Since it ended during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, it makes sense that even ardent fans balcony house He may not know the tragic story about why it ended so suddenly.

Why was the terrace house cancelled?

Terrace House: Tokyo 2019-2020 It aired what turned out to be the final episode on May 19, 2020. On March 23, one of the cast members, 22-year-old professional wrestler Hana Kimura, passed away. Kimura’s death was preceded by disturbing tweets and Instagram posts showing evidence of self-harm. Authorities officially ruled that she committed suicide in December 2020. In some tweets leading up to her death, Kimura shared some offensive comments she received online after an episode of balcony house. In response, she tweeted, “I receive nearly 100 honest opinions every day and I can’t deny that I’ve been hurt.”

Viewers lashed out at Kimura in a heated moment between her and her housemate Kai Edward Kobayashi. After Kobayashi accidentally slashes his wrestling gear while washing up, she retaliates by shoving a hat off his head and lunging. It was a rare controversial moment in a show that achieved international success due to how well it eschewed typical realistic theatrical performance, despite appearing as tame outside of the show’s context.

Kimura abuse Received included racist traits He described her as a gorilla because of her Indonesian heritage. Unfortunately, she also received common death threats and other forms of online harassment. No one is safe from the Internet. It was something she was bullied him when he was a kid. There were consequences for some of the people involved in Kimura’s harassment. Two men were later arrested for cyberbullying Kimura. One of the guys admitted that he was “simply joining” online on Kimura’s website after the episode.

Fuji TV initially stopped broadcasting future episodes of balcony house After Kimura’s death. On May 27, they announced that they Show production has been cancelled While offering condolences to the Kimura family. Two episodes that have already been completed have not yet been shown. Netflix removed the season from its database in Japan in mid-2020. They will remove all episodes featuring Kimura from international markets on August 10, 2020.

Will Terrace House return?

Technically, only the latest incarnation balcony house Following the death of Hana Kimura. Nearly two years later, some may be hoping for the show to continue, having learned to better support its cast members after the abuse Kimura received. There has been no official word on a possible future for the franchise.

There has been some speculation that an experimental airship for balcony housewas back Launched on YouTube. balcony house Alumni like presenter Reina Triendl have released videos featuring all the trademarks of balcony house episode. If this is meant as a means of re-presentation, it will not result in balcony house Back to the TV.

Kimura’s death casts a shadow over me balcony house who – which Unlikely to shake. Far from being associated with a tragedy, the fallout from Kimura’s death revealed that the show was no different from the variety reality show In Your Garden as it appeared. Kimura’s mother, Kyouko, She claimed that her daughter The show’s producers encouraged her to act like a pro-wrestling villain, including her confrontation with Kobayashi. This experience was shared by the cast members they spoke to New York timesEric Margolis Unknowneliminating the delicious and healthy picture made balcony house international hit.

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