“He beats up a lot of rappers”


Zuukou Mayzie announced this Friday a collaboration with videographer Théodort who, according to him, surpasses many confirmed rappers.

Théodort clings more and more firmly to the rap sphere. While his parodies are gaining notoriety and quality, the artist could well take the plunge even more seriously by performing with well-established rappers. Zuukou Mayzie, with whom he has already teamed up in a recent video, notably invited him on an upcoming title. The sound will be produced by Flem and in the company of Black Jack OBS.

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Zuukou Mayzie: “Trust me”

More than that, Zuukou Mayzie did not fail to praise the rapper qualities of his young colleague. “He beats a lot of rappers», he explains. Before admitting that he prefers to collaborate with him rather than with other rappers whose names he preferred to keep silent. Théodort, and despite his parodies, is in any case gaining respect within the rap sphere: lately, it was Benjamin Epps, whom he had nevertheless imitated, who invited him on stage.

Criticized for this decision to partner with a YouTuber, Zuukou Mayzie was intransigent in comments: “Trust me”, he reassured a fan. It remains to be seen now whether the song in question will be included in his next project, The filmwhich he recently teased.

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