He bumps into Damso in a bar and drops a freestyle in front of him


El Gato, a TikTok user, stumbled across Damso in a bar. He threw him a freestyle that buzzed on the social network.

Often, you have to take your chance when the opportunity presents itself. And El Gato, a TikTok user, met Damso in a bar completely by chance. He first took a photo with him, before taking advantage of this short moment of euphoria to swing a freestyle.

Posted in two parts on TikTok via an account obviously created for the occasion, the video has collected more than half a million views in total. And a capella, it must be said that the rapper is doing pretty well, and was entitled to congratulations from Damso and his team.

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@__el.gato__ I shock Damso in freestyle part 1/2 (I make him laugh a little before releasing the sound) #damso #rap #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #freestyle #dems #gordon #life #music #artist #1minute2rap @Damso ♬ original sound – El gato
@__el.gato__ Thank you to this great gentleman for taking the time to listen to me 🖖 #rap #damso #fyp #for you #for you #foryoupage #freestyle #dems #Brussels #life #music #artist ♬ original sound – El gato

Damso, close to his fans

After this buzz which could have been ephemeral, El Gato took advantage of his neo-notoriety on the social network to feed his account with his performances. In a video published a few days later, he freestyles this time alone, on an instrumental. We discover a passionate artist, with an interesting potential. This new video has exceeded 25,000 views and is helping to boost the young rapper’s visibility on TikTok.

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For his part, Damso is still very close to his community. The artist, who imposed a dress code during his next performance at Bercy, even announced to his fans that he would make sure to meet them as much as possible during his next tour, at the end of the season. ‘year. El Gato is not the only one to have performed in front of his favorite rapper, Orelsan had also listened to the talents of one of his fans, who had been taken out by security.

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