He explained each of the characteristics of the thirteen dwarfs


Peter Jackson admitted that he was reluctant to take on a task as important as adaptation the hobbit In the movie trilogy, simply because of the sheer intricacies of bringing to life 13 different dwarves, each with their own individual characters and characteristics.

Jackson wanted each dwarf to be recognized by the public, by their silhouettes, their hairstyles, right down to the clothes they wear and the weapons they choose. Thus, each dwarf was created with his own personal specifications in mind. Getting into such a dense trilogy and tracking down 13 dwarves may seem challenging, but there are ways to track down the brave group helping Bilbo on his journey.

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The three are the most easily identifiable, as they are the three in the immediate royal lineage of Doreen, as well as the three targeted in the ambush on Ravenhill are Thorin, Philly, and Kelly. Thorin needed to look royal, he was the leader of the entire expedition, the person the audience pinned on, and the other dwarves in the story, all their hopes. He was described in the book as having a “forked beard that he put in his belt”, but Jackson and the team steered clear of this style, giving Thorin a short beard in films as a “hollow beard” which was a sign of respect. For all the dwarves who were burned at Erbor when Smaug came.

Thorin means “daringest” – the one who dares to restore the kingdom, and his whole personality is built on this stubborn, loyal and proud concept. Philly and Kelly are the twins, the youngest members of the team. To reflect this, Fili is designed with dual swords and twin daggers. Its main component is throwing weapons. The weapons are designed to be asymmetrical, to reflect that Philly and Kelly are not identical, but at their core, they are the same loyal and loving characters.

Willy is next in line to the throne after Thorin, and she bears the weight of this responsibility. Kelly is best known as the dwarf who falls in love with Toriel, the Elf. His concept design was heavily based on actor Aiden Turner, and he had the fewest prosthetics of any dwarf type as the team wanted to keep his face as unobstructed as possible. The most remarkable thing about him is that his weapon of choice is the bow and arrow.

Dwalin is Thorin’s right-hand man, his most loyal counterpart, and his most trained soldier. His iconic style is a bald head, with a scar on one eyebrow. His whole appearance is fierce and tough, and he wears fur collar clothes, cut with strong angles to make him look like a wolf. He also has many tattoos and markings on his body that depict the fate of the dwarf race, a sign of his respect for their fallen relatives. His weapon consists of two axes called the clutch and the guard, which are engraved on the blades with dwarf runes and knuckles. He is Palin’s older brother in search and is known for his white beard and red clothes.

The biggest challenge with that was making it not look like Santa, so they had to keep his design very cohesive. To do this, they put flicks in his beard, matching the motif on his costume, including flicks on his shoes. Palin is the most reluctant member of the crew, the philosopher, teacher, and person who later died in the Moriah tombs.

Not much is known about Gloin other than that he is Gimli’s father. He has the same red hair, a thick beard, and the same ax as Gimli, which will be delivered later. He’s the group’s banker, takes care of their money and, like his son, also has some temper! His brother Owen is another older member of the clan, known as a medicine man. He makes potions, studies herbal traditions, and has healing powers, including the ability to read signs and labels. Probably the most recognizable is the golden tube in his ear to aid his hearing.

Another trait of dwarves most closely related to Thorin, Philly, and Kelly are Dory, Nori, and Ori. Dory is often derided as the most chaotic of the group. He is especially excellent and decent, wearing purple and violet clothes to signify his royal blood, and the style chosen for his beard is so intricate, as if he had spent a long time brushing it. He’s surprisingly family oriented, somewhat mum to Ori who is much younger than him.

Next up is Nouri, who has another unusually creative style due to his three-headed “starfish hair”. His wig designs, which are made with yak hair, include eyebrows that are long enough to be braided all the way up to his hair. The team wanted something conceptually unique for its appearance, and they definitely achieved it according to most fans. Among the team, he is believed to be the hunter, the thief, and as such he holds a certain respect for Bilbo. He is also the best horse racer in the company.

Ori is the youngest of these three, and his entire design reflects this. He wears lavender and pastel colors, and his clothes are knitted, to give other dwarves the feeling that they want his mother. Even his weapon of choice is wonderfully innocent and childlike, being a slingshot, the shy, gentle character, known as the Seeker. He has been seen in all the films he writes for his magazine. When the Fellowship finds the tombs at Moria, just before they are attacked by the Balrog, Ori is the skeleton they find sitting beside Palin’s grave, who wrote “The Road Is Closed” in their book If Records.

The last three are the most rustic of the crew, with the least connection to the royal line, and they are blacksmiths, miners, and landmen. Described by Fran Walsh as ‘plebs’, they were given earthy green, brown and green hues for their wardrobe, made from rough and thick materials like raw Hessian silk.

Befor is the only character of the group who can’t speak a common language, and he relies entirely on his dwarf roots, thanks to the ax buried in his skull. The head shock was boggling his mind, making him berserk, capricious, and incredibly violent. His weapon is a stick with a spike at the end of it, so he can toss around and kill multiple enemies at once. Interestingly enough, he is also a playmaker, which means he has a lovely gentle side and loves kids under his stuttering mind.

Bofur is a comedic character, with a strong Irish sense of humor, a silly hat pointing at the end, and a perfect understanding of witty timing in any situation. He’s also the musician, with a beautiful Irish singing voice, and plays the flute. He’s the one who tries to keep others optimistic and comes up with some amazingly deep and sensitive advice when needed.

And last but not least Bombor. He is a round and round character, and this is reflected in every aspect of his appearance. The team designed him in circles, with a donut shaped beard (originally designed to have small bowls of food hidden inside) He has the most prosthetics, most layers for a body suit, giving him a full lower prosthetic face to make his knee bag bigger like a double chin . Not surprisingly, as someone who loves food, Bombor is the crew’s chef.

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