he fools internet users for his return


Sadek orchestrated his madness to announce his return with “Sicilien”, a new clip published this Thursday evening on YouTube.

The latest news turned to concern for Sadek. This week, a photo of the unrecognizable artist, with a long beard, tousled hair and wide eyes, alarmed Internet users. The snapshot made the rounds of social networks and the media, and faced with the bad buzz, the rapper spoke on Instagram, telling his community not to speak for him. He then scheduled a live on YouTube the next day. “I will explain everything to you tomorrow, he confessed in a rather discreet post. And then leave me alone”.

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Sadek, successful communication stunt

Finally, the YouTube link in question evaporated to make way for a new clip: “Sicilien”. A piece of raw rap accompanied by a symbolic clip where the rapper orchestrates his madness. We see him immersed in alcohol, reminiscing about his successes on television. In a dark room, bottles surround his gold and platinum discs, and Sadek seems like a shadow of himself. He metamorphoses over the visual to support his return to the rap sphere after a year of absence.

This rather skilful publicity stunt helped inflate the hype for “Sicilien”, the first single from a new era that is beginning. One year later do we love aliveis the artist about to fuck the casino a second time ?

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