Head Halo is losing his virginity and fans are very angry


The final episode of Paramount’s live-action Halo series sees protagonist Master Chief lose his virginity and fans feel confused and angry.

The following article contains major spoilers for Halo Episode 8 “Allegiance”.

The last episode of Paramount’s live show Hello The series was met with widespread confusion from fans as Master Chief lost his virginity.

The penultimate episode of the series’ first season sees protagonist John-117 bond with Maki, a Covenant spy who was previously captured by the UN Security Council. After the Master Chief relays the news that his superiors will allow Makee to interact with the mysterious Forerunner, she thanks him with a kiss that puts them both asleep. While the scene has been framed as a sensitive moment between the pair, fans are outraged by the interaction. Many have taken to social media to express their frustration, stating that having sex with Master Chief is out of proportion. HelloHis lore and that having his AI companion Cortana watch the process was a strange creative choice.

Icon lovers Hello Video games widely agreed that the scene seemed out of place, believing it to be a misreading of the Master Chief’s primary character. Others have expressed confusion as to how the moment appears to affect the rest of the series’ storyline, with many believing that the accident would indirectly lead to the downfall of Reach, a major event in the series. Hello knowledge.

While enthusiasts may feel frustrated HelloParamount’s Creative Choices, Paramount’s live action adaptation has always been framed as telling its own story within the greatest Hello being. We refer to this asHello Executive Producer Kiki Wolfkill explained: “The Silver Timeline ‘as a way to differentiate it from the Primary Canon – protecting both the Primary Canon and protecting the TV story.” And by that, I mean, being able to give ourselves the opportunity to develop both, and each of them what they need for their means, without bumping into each other. some”.

The reaction to Master Chief sleeping with Makee echoes another controversial moment from HelloThe first episode, where the Spartan warrior takes off his helmet. Many fans were outraged by the reveal of John-117’s face, which has been hidden for more than two decades in video games. “[T]Wolfkill explained that the decision to take off the Chief’s helmet wasn’t a lighthearted one, nor was it a foregone conclusion when we set out on the show. “However, the show’s intent has always been to offer a different gaming experience, not a carbon copy.”

Hello It’s now streaming on Paramount+ with new episodes dropping every Thursday.

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