Hey Boy Kong Ming! Episode 9: Release date and preview


Episode 9 of Ya Boy Kongming!
Hey Boy Kong Ming! Episode 9 release date details

Hey Boy Kong Ming! Episode 9 is set to release next week, and they only have eight days left until they have to get 100,000 likes on social media. But before they could achieve the goal of likes on social media, Eko and Kaby both had to find themselves. This is what they did in Episode 8 of Paripi Koumei. Episode 9 of Ya Boy Kongming! Or Paripi Koumei will be the most exciting. Fans of the show can’t wait to hear Eiko’s voice and DJ Kid’s surprise in Episode 9 of Ya Boy Kongming.

So, if you’ve been wondering about the release date and time of episode 9 of Paripi Koumei, we’ll tell you everything you need to know before we look at what to expect from the next episode of Ya Boy Kongming! Let’s see the events of the last episode.

Paripi Koumei Episode 8

Episode 8 of Ya Boy Kongming! It was one of the most requested episodes of Echo and Cap’s character development. The last episode is what you will say that every anime contains characters who have to find themselves and find a reason for their purpose. The film’s two main protagonists, Eiko and Kaby, go on their separate journey to find themselves in the episode titled “Self-Search”. Eiko continued to perform with Nanami to find what she misses in her voice. Eiko is always surprised by the skills Nanami hides, such as her playing dress up as well. As far as Nanami sees, she has the motivation to do the same.

After a day of performing with Nanami, Eiko ends up at BB Longue, practicing “I’m Still Alive Today” and trying to make the song her own as Nanami did. She struggles to do so. Kaby also ended up in the BB Lounge after a day of struggling to find new lyrics for his upcoming rap battle with Sekitoba. Eiko and Kabe ended up doing a duet with Kabe’s impromptu rap on Eiko’s song. Ekko Kabe helps him by telling him if he’s suffering, he shouldn’t go back to where he started. This hits Cap hard, and he ends up going to his hometown to find himself. Meanwhile, Eko continues to train Nanami to find her voice.

Eiko and Kabe from episode 8 of Ya Boy Kongming!
Eko and Kaby

After returning to his hometown, it turns out that Kabe is a local celebrity. However, when someone praises him, Cappie thinks they are breaking it. Kabe ends up meeting his childhood friend Sasachio. Apparently, Sasatcho is a YouTuber and starts rapping as soon as he sees Kabe. Kabe ends up spending his day with him and shares his worries about his upcoming fight with Sekitoba. Tell him that he must find a way to beat Sekitoba. Upon hearing this, Sasachio reminded him that Kabe didn’t start rapping because it was fun.

Meanwhile, Eko continues training with Nanami wherever she is, such as in a public bath or performing on the street. Eiko spends a few days with her and eventually thinks she might be ready to prove to Kido that she has found herself. After Eiko leaves, Nanami receives a mysterious phone call and disappears. It’s now eight days until they have to complete their 100,000 likes mission.

Hey Boy Kong Ming! Episode 9 Release Date & Predictions

Episode 9 of Ya Boy Kongming! Or Paripi Koumei will be released on May 26, 2022 on Thursday 23:00 JST (Japanese Standard Time). Title and preview for the upcoming episode 9 of Ya Boy Kongming! Not yet available, so it’s hard to guess what will happen in the next episode. However, Eko and Kaby finally got better with Summer Sonia. As Kongming planned, three days before the performance, they will start getting likes, so their event of getting likes can be seen on the next episode of Paripi Koumei. This is just speculation. Real events may differ from this.

Episode 9 Predictions Hey Kongming Boy!
Kong Ming

Watch Ya Boy Kongming! Episode 9 Online – Running Details

Ya Boy Kongming is available to watch cache. Episode 9 of Ya Boy Kongming will also be available to watch on the aforementioned website once it’s released.

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