his collaborators are increasing the pressure before Sunday


Deen Burbigo, Diabi or even Raegular: the close collaborators of Nekfeu play the game of teasing on social networks as a probable return approaches.

Nekfeu’s return seems to be much more than a rumor now. While Seine Zoo posters have been seen in several cities in France, the rapper is in the news with his collective, the S-Crew. In addition, the inscription “2001” attached to the posters seems to announce a return of the Parisian group, six years after the release of Linked destinies. And to confirm the hypotheses, many close collaborators of Nekfeu and his acolytes reacted on Monday.

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Nekfeu and the Silent S-Crew

The graphic designer Raegular, the producer Diabi or Deen Burbigo: a whirlwind of mysterious emojis has dispersed on social networks and officially suggests that something is going on. As a reminder, two counts have been set on a site dedicated to this return. A first will end this Sunday at 10:22 p.m., another the next day at noon. No other additional information was slipped. But this seems concrete.

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On the side of the members of the S-Crew in any case: silence reigns. Mekra, Framal, 2zer: none of the three reacted on their social networks, while the latter two regularly relay the news that concerns them. And then for Nekfeu, the rapper is still invisible on social networks.

It remains to be seen now which deadlines will fall this Sunday and then this Monday. In any case, for the moment, the lights seem to be green for the fans of the collective, who have been waiting for a successor for more than six years. Will we have any news from Nekfeu’s live with Amine or from the plausible clip shot in Belgium?

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