his group Les Jones is already exploding the scores


The Joneses burst onto Spotify’s top stream, just days after Mister V’s new video.

The group did not even exist a few days ago, but here they are already on the rise in the middle of the top 200 Spotify France. This Wednesday, Jones’ “Burgers” entered the rankings, precisely in 164th place. In total, the song recorded more than 50,000 plays on the platform during the day: proof of an impressive success. Which should not run out of steam, since the true-false collective of Mister V, Freddy Gladieux and Vincent Tirel are trending almost everywhere.

Mister V: the success of the Joneses is just beginning

However, as usual with Mister V, everything started from an absurd idea. Then a video: Les Jones on his YouTube channel. Telling the epic of three brothers and their rock group to Nashville, it has already accumulated 3 million views since Sunday. A resounding success, which mainly promotes a very real EP published on the platforms: United States of Rock. A fairly well-crafted parody of US rock, embellished with stereotypical lyrics to the maximum.

“Burgers,” featured in the video and later featuring a clip posted on the Dairy Channel, is the project’s biggest hit so far. Above all, it has a lot of help from TikTok, since the piece is in the trends of the social network. The rise of the Joneses is, for the time being, only at its beginning. Also, Mister V recounts the flop of the Joneses in Nashville: “I was super disappointed that there was nobody”.

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