Hololive Virtual YouTuber Usada Pekora Continues Down Due to Vocal Cord Problems – Benefit


Hololive Virtual YouTuber Usada Pekora announced on Twitter last Saturday that she is taking a one to two-month hiatus due to her vocal cord nodules. She added that she would post more often on Twitter, and asked her fans to keep in touch with her there.

Vocal cord issues are most commonly caused by mass VTubers. For example, fellow Jin Pekora Hoshou Marine took a one-month hiatus in September last year due to Bleeding in her vocal cords. Aki Rosenthal He underwent vocal cord surgery Earlier this year, IRys All-English reported that it had done Consult many doctors For vocal cord problems, too.

Usada Pekora is a third generation all-round VTuber talent who debuted in July 2019. She was one of the top five female streaming players in both 2020 and 2021.

source: Usada Pekora’s Twitter account

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