How Aloy and Beta are halves of a whole Elisabet


Forbidden horizon west The protagonist, Aloy, was hailed as the newest face of the PlayStation brand, and quickly became a fan favorite. at Horizon Zero Dawn, Aloy is revealed to be a clone of Elisabet Sobeck, the genius scientist who was responsible for giving humanity a second chance after the Faroese Plague. In the last game, Aloy meets Beta, another version of Elisabet, and the pair work together to fight the remnants of the Far Zeniths that threaten to steal GAIA from Earth.

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Aloy and Beta may be genetic clones of Elisabet, however, they each have different elements of Elisabet’s personality and skills, with Aloy inheriting her perseverance and leadership, and Beta inheriting her genius intelligence and ability to solve most problems. For Aloy and Beta, these traits help them in their journeys, however, it is only when the pair start working together that fans get a glimpse into Elisabet’s abilities. While Aloy has successfully written her own story, Peta has been trapped in the shadow of Elisabet and her reputation.

Aloe and Elizabeth

Since Aloy grew up unbeknownst to Elizabeth, she has been able to make a name for herself without the burden of knowing that she is a clone of the great scientist. As a child, her curiosity and courage could be seen as traits she got directly from Elizabeth. This can be especially noticeable once players learn more about Elizabeth, the scientist who revealed the truth behind the Farrow Plague and was willing to give up her life to ensure the survival of the human race. Even after discovering her origins, Aloy never faltered and continued to lead the charge against anything that threatened humanity.

Aloy is also considered a genius of her time, able to determine the best course of action and invent some of the most powerful weapons in her arsenal. This stems directly from Elizabeth’s engineering background and ability to understand a problem, plan an action, and take the necessary steps to achieve success. As a clone, Aloy appears to be the perfect example of Elisabet’s New World influence and determination to protect all life.

Peta and Elizabeth

Unlike Aloy, Beta is weak and cowardly and cannot defend herself the way her clone counterpart can, however, what she lacks in physical traits she makes up for in mental competence. Peta inherited Elizabeth’s genius intelligence and ability to find quick solutions to some of the most serious problems. It was Elisabet who initiated Zero Dawn’s protocol to restore life on Earth after the Faroese Plague, and similarly, without PETA, Aloy would not have been able to defy the extremes of Zanata and save the planet once again.

For players, the beta displays the actions Elizabeth would certainly have taken if their places were switched, and in many ways, mirrors what Elizabeth did before the Farrow Plague. While with the Far Zeniths, Betta made sure that they were the ones who sent the extinction signal to Earth and were hoping to escape. She was able to trick Aloy and send out a distress signal in the hope that Aloy would answer. Her determination to see humanity live mirrors Elizabeth and testifies for the first time when she asks Aloy to kill her while being kidnapped by Far Zenith to protect the rest of GAIA’s jobs.

Aloe and Beta

When looking at the characters of Aloy and Beta, it’s easy to see how both are clones of Elisabet, regardless of their physical appearance. Like Beta, Elizabeth was a genius and a strategist at the same time, able to thwart the plans of the largest company in the world and set off a chain of events that would eventually restore life on Earth. Like Aloy, she developed a set of altruistic beliefs and strived to preserve all life on Earth. In this way, Beta represents Elizabeth’s abilities, while Aloe has inherited her outlook and determination.

On his own, the cloned pair weren’t able to achieve as much as they did together, which only proves how important Elisabet is to the survival of life on Earth. Combining her genius and skills, Aloy and Beta created a remarkable partnership that was able to weed out highly advanced Far Zeniths before they escaped the GAIA protocol. This partnership will undoubtedly be needed again in the future as the next game will bring the biggest threat to Earth on planet Earth, NEMESIS.

Forbidden horizon west It is a solid sequel that not only conveyed the plot, but also expanded the traditions and history of the world. Finding Beta not only gave her someone who truly understood her, but also the parts of Elizabeth that she was lacking. If Aloy represents Elisabet in the New World, then Beta is Elisabet’s representation of the Old World. It is clear that these two parts were necessary to end the threat of Far Zenith and would likely be needed to protect the world from NEMESIS. While the couple has not acquired all of Elizabeth’s remarkable abilities, they are two sides of the same coin and will continue to work to ensure the continuity of life on Earth.

Forbidden horizon west Available on PS4 and PS5.

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