How can I watch episodes of the Kdrama series online?


We have blues kdrama where to watch online
Where do you watch blues as our drama?

Due to the cast and its heartwarming story, many fans would like to know where to watch Our Blues kdrama online. After all, the series became a hot topic among drama fans after they learned BTS Jimin and Ha Sung Woon sang the OST. With you. Fortmore, there won’t be a drama with many superstars like Lee Byung Hun, Cha Seung Won, Shin Min A, Kim Woo Bin, Ohm Jung Hwa, and many more! So fans are looking forward to every new episode that depicts another bittersweet story of people from Jeju Island.

Our Blues Netflix series written by Noh Hee Kyung (In winter the wind blows; The most beautiful goodbyeDirected by Kim Kyu TaeIt’s okay, that’s love; Moon Lovers: Rio Vermilion Heart). Besides, it is Kim Woo Bin’s first drama after his long hiatus due to his critical health condition. The last time we saw Kim Woo Bin was in the 2016 melodrama Uncontrollably fond. Not to forget, it’s the first drama together of real-life couple Kim Woo Bin and Shin Min A. Although they’re not a married couple on the series, fans are still excited to see them together on screen. Hence, viewers find a way to watch Our Blues kdrama online!

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Get to know the members of the Blues Cast team

The tvN family drama Our Blues stars Lee Byun Hun, Shin Min Ah, Lee Jung Eun, Cha Seung Won, Uhm Jung Hwa, Kim Woo Bin and Han Ji Min. Moreover, the behind-the-scenes trailer and episode clips reveal a great harmony between the cast, which increases the excitement of audiences to watch the drama.

We have blues kdrama where to watch online
  • Lee Byung Hun as Lee Dong Seok- Lee Dong Seok was born on the beautiful island of Jeju. He sells things from his truck to make a living. Unlike seasoned men, he is a gentle and humble man.
  • Shin Min A as Min Seon A- Min Seon A is a girl with a mysterious past who has her own story that no one knows about. You move to Jeju Island to escape from that past.
  • Cha Seung Won as Choi Han Soo- Like Lee Dong Seok, Choi Han Su was born on the island but then moved to the city. However, after realizing that city life wasn’t made for him, Choi Han Soo returned to the island.
  • Lee Jung Eun as Jung Eun Eui- Jung Eun Eui is a fish shop owner, Go Mi Ran’s friend, and Choi Han Su’s first love.
  • Uhm Jung Hwa as Go Mi Ran- Gu Mi Ran, a city woman, returns to her hometown of Jeju after she is tired of the tough city life.
  • Han Ji Min as Lee Yeong Ok- After moving to Jeju Island, Lee Yeong Ok has been working as a diver for the past year. Despite her bright and bubbly personality, Lee Young Ok is surrounded by many rumors.
  • Kim Woo Bin as Park Jeong Jun- Park Jeong Jun is an explanation of a fishing boat that falls in love with Lee Young Ok.

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Where can you watch Blues Kdrama online?

If you are wondering where to watch Our Blues kdrama series online, don’t worry. tvN is broadcast on many online platforms. The romantic family drama Our Blues airs on tvN at 9:10 p.m. KST every Saturday and Sunday. After broadcasting, it will be available at TV. TVING is an online streaming channel like Amazon Prime, iQIYI and Netflix. However, keep in mind that to stream Blues music on TVING, you need to purchase their subscription plan.

We have blues kdrama where to watch online

Also, international fans need not be disappointed. Since it’s a series on Netflix, kdrama Our Blues is also streaming Netflix But only in select regions. Therefore, it is not available on Netflix platforms in all countries. Moreover, to watch Our Blues kdrama movie on Netflix, you need to subscribe to the online service. Subscription plan may vary in different regions.

As for airtime, new episodes of Our Blues will be released every Saturday and Sunday at 8:10am in the US, 1:10pm in the UK, 5:40pm in India and 10:10pm in Australia. So don’t forget to set the time and watch Romantic Family Our Blues kdrama according to our online streaming channel!

Here, check out our Blues kdrama trailer:

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