How did anime cause the problem of Osagi and Mamoru’s relationship?


Members sailor moon We are well aware of the questionable changes in the ’90s anime quote, especially the dubbed English version. For example, the relationship between Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus was made to be a cousins ​​relationship, making their interactions more questionable. The name change wasn’t the worst offence, but they removed many cultural references. However, a particularly questionable change was made not by the dubbed but by the original Japanese producers of the show itself. This change was Mamoru’s age.

In the original manga, Mamoru was 16 when he met 14-year-old Usagi, making him a high school student while she was in her second year of middle school. Two years of difference isn’t usually that big of a deal — that would be a freshman date for a freshman in high school. However, in the ’90s anime, Mamoru was only 17 years old in season one (18th after that) and in college, which made his relationship with Usagi somewhat problematic to say the least.

While age gaps are perfectly normal in older couples, a college student dating a middle school student is less acceptable due to disparities in strength dynamics and maturity levels. This became even more suspicious when Rei and Mamoru began dating briefly during the first season. Rei was also 14 at this time, so it seems Mamoru makes a habit of dating middle school students.

The change was apparently made so that Mamoru and Motoki, a character dating back to Codename: Sailor V, They can be classmates and friends. Motoki was a college student at C: SV, and thus can’t get old until Mamoru can get a boyfriend in high school. So instead, they’ve advanced Mamoru’s age to become a first-year college student, just so he can have some kind of social life outside of hanging out with Usagi and her friends. It also allowed him to get a driver’s licence, even though driving was never a part of his original character.

Many of the changes made to the anime were the result of English distributors wanting to avoid any controversy or confusion about Japanese culture. The names have been changed to English names except for Hotaru’s – although Rei is simply changed to Raye. Michiru and Haruka were made to be cousins ​​rather than lovers, which made their romantic interactions awkward and incest bordering on. The genders of some characters were also changed to avoid same-sex couples.

The change in Mamoru’s age has crossed the heads of many kids who have been watching the show, with four years not being a huge leap in the minds of many. However, what may not be obvious is the difference in maturation between 14 and 18 years and the development of their brains. While both characters are still experiencing brain development, since the brain is not fully developed until the age of 25, they are in different stages of cognitive development. More specifically, Usagi is in the early stages of adolescent cognitive maturity at the beginning of the series, while Mamoru will be in the later stages. Morally speaking, this is somewhat questionable.

There are also the legal ramifications of such a relationship. While the minimum age of consent in Japan is 13, many prefectures have laws in place that change this age to 16-18. Usually these laws are “obscene laws” or “corruption of minors” laws, As mentioned Azabo Joban, put sailor moon, in Minato, Tokyo, and has the age of 18 to consent. Even if you weren’t in middle school, the ’90s Mamoru anime would be in deep legal trouble if they decided to consummate their relationship. Fortunately, they seem to keep their relationship rather chaste.

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