How do I watch because this is my first life drama?


Because this is my first life

If you want to watch korean drama with multiple couples with marriage contract in plot, it should be because This Is My First Life is your best choice! Because this is my first life telling the story of two people Yoon Ji Ho and Nam Se Hee. Nam Si Hee is a man in his thirties who has greatly explored his life. He has a separate house and is really against marriage. Nam Se Hee thinks that spending his days with his cute, furry friend aka his pet cat is better than marrying someone else. While paying off almost all of his loans, Nam Se Hee realizes he needs a roommate and sets out to find one.

This is how he gets to know Yoon Ji Ho and decides to make her a roommate. However, none of them know that they are of the opposite sex, i.e. Yoon Ji Ho thinks Nam Se Hee is female while Nam Se Hee thinks Yoon Hi Ho is male. It’s funny that after only a week of living together they found out about this. But Nam Se hee decided not to fire Yoon Ji Ho because looking for another roommate would be troublesome for him. Here’s the beginning of a beautiful story! If you want to know where to watch Because this is my first life And more about the cast, then I hope you keep reading and keep reading!

Where do I watch because this is my first life?

Because This Is My First Life aired from October 9 to November 27, 2017 on tvN on Mondays and Tuesdays every night at 11:30 PM KST. Although there is a very predictable plot because This Is My First Life has captured the hearts of many people who watched it. Yoon Ji Ho’s struggles as an adult and Nam Se Hee’s quirky and reserved character seem to attract the audience even more while watching her. Although it looks like the two characters will never date, fans were more than happy to see them officially dating!

Because this is my first life
Because this is my first life CR: Rakuten Viki

You have a lot of options when choosing where to watch because this is my first life. korean drama is available on Netflix as well as in Rakuten Vicki. To make you even happier, let us tell you that the show is currently available to watch for free on Rakuten Viki. So grab your popcorn right away and start watching exciting and awesome K-Drama!

Great cast because this is the first cast in my life

K-drama cats are just a stamp of approval to put this korean drama on your watch list. In the show, Lee Min Ki plays Nam Se Hee. Lee min Ki is a talented singer and actor. He put Yoon Chang Hee’s role in my editorial notes, Han Bi Soo Fei oh my lady , And Seo Do Jae Vi The beauty of the interior. Furthermore, Jung So Min plays the hardworking character Yoon Ji Ho in a Korean drama. She is best known for playing Mu Deok Yi in it Soul chemistry Yoo Jin Kang Fei The smile left your eyes, And Choi I-Byung from The sound of your heart.

Because this is my first life
Because this is my first life CR: Rakuten Viki

Director This Is My First Life helped Park Joon Hwa and Nam Sung Woo revive many of our favorite K-dramas. Park Joon Hwa directed K-dramas like Alchemy of Souls, Touch Your Heart, and What Wrong With Secretary Kim? and Bring It On Ghost. In addition, another director, Nam Seung Woo, has directed Korean dramas such as My roommate is JUMIO, 100 Days My Prince, and Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo. With their teamwork, nothing can go wrong with this simple and satisfying Kenyan rom-com drama.

To see how Nam Se Hee and Yoon Ji Ho get to know each other more and eventually become a couple, don’t skip the K-drama!

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