How do Mihawk and Riley differ in terms of teaching style


Zoro and Luffy have surely had the most training of all time, being mentored by two of the most skilled people from previous generations.

In this regard, they received a very similar education, but in terms of what they learned, there is a clear difference.

From what we’ve seen from Zoro’s time training, Mihawk has taken a very distant approach when it comes to teaching Zoro.

From this flashback we can say that after learning the basics of Haki, Zoro was told that there was a step further and that he would not be allowed to drink until he mastered arming the blade.

Riley has been more candid with Luffy, as we can see from multiple flashbacks. Chapter 894 shows a flashback where Riley uses a wooden club covered in Haki in order to increase Luffy’s ability to observe Haki. However, he also used Denial to motivate Luffy, by challenging him to dodge 100 attacks before he could eat.

Now to compare the two. In the basic summary, I will say that Rayleigh was more basic in his teachings, but reinforced the basics better and clearly defined how Luffy could grow, while Mihawk taught Zoro more advanced techniques, such as expanding his armament coating to weapons and increasing the intensity of his sword power.

We see Rayleigh telling Luffy about the advanced levels of observation and showing off the advanced armament himself.

In the meantime, I’d say Mihawk taught Zoro more advanced skills, but the fact that Zoro was confused when Jyukimaru told him that black blades are being formed through battle indicates that he didn’t know how to develop his skills beyond where they are now.

I would say that the interpersonal dynamics between the student and the teacher also played a role.

Rayleigh and Luffy became close over the course of two years, and I think Rayleigh really wanted to help Luffy and teach him everything he knew because of how much he liked the character of Luffy.

On the other hand, Mihawk had maintained a very formal relationship with Zoro, because at the end of the day, they were still enemies who would eventually fight for the title of the world’s strongest swordsman. I guess Mihawk didn’t really involve himself in teaching Zoro like Rayleigh did with Luffy, but instead let Zoro figure things out for himself. Zoro’s left eye injury may have been caused by his arguments with Mihawk and trying to force himself to learn a new skill.

*by Nice TheGamer/SuperGogetto

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