How do you see why her? Upcoming legal drama!


How do you see why her?
Why is she?

If you are fond of law-based dramas or even crime thrillers, why are you? It is definitely your cup of tea. Naturally, it becomes important to know how to watch them and why? So you can stay ahead of things. The series will enter the scene next June, and we are sure it will be great. We concluded that, given the interesting plot and the star actors who will be the stars of the show.

The drama is directed by Park Soo Jin, who was also responsible for the masterpiece While You Sleep. Rest assured, we can sit back and enjoy knowing that this chain is being made with good hands. The drama focuses on building a relationship between a lawyer who thinks she has lost everything and a college student who is too smart for his age. What do you think will happen when these two people meet?

The plot of the upcoming drama and cast, why is it?

Before we even got a chance to look at the series’ story, the eye-catching title was totally working on us. Although at first glance the title of the drama evokes a strong sense of resentment and emotion. We think it digs deeper than that. For us, the title is full of emotions that arise either from a painful past or a seemingly intriguing trick that fate played on the protagonists of the novel.

Where do you see why her?
Why is she?

Initially, this is due to the qualifications of the series creators. While one of them is an accomplished lawyer, backed by the highest law firm, and on the verge of losing everything, her counterpart is a troubled college student who is too smart for his own good. Moreover, his past has a different story to tell. Together, they work their way through life’s uncertainties. In this cycle, they also realize the passion brewing between them and slowly discover more meaning in life!

Cast of why her?
cast bullets

All these tough feelings are conveyed in a proper manner by all members of the Why Her? However, our leads are definitely the spotlight winners. Seo Hyun Jin (Youth Record, Dr. Romantic) He plays Oh Soo Jae, while Hwang In Yeop (Real beauty, the sound of magic) He takes on the role of Gong Chan. The other main roles in the series are played by Heo Jun Ho (as Choi Tae Gook) And Bye In Hyuk (as Choi Yoon Sang) If that’s not reason enough to immediately add this drama to your watchlist, we don’t know what will convince you! Obviously, the next step is to determine how you see why?

Moreover, June is not just a time for Kdramas to shine, but Kpop as well.

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How do you see why her?

Serial Why? The first episode will air on June 3, 2022. After that, there will be 16 action-packed episodes that will continue in the story until July 23, 2022. New episodes will be released every Friday and Saturday and will be available to stream on multiple online platforms. For Korean viewers, of course, the episodes will be available live on their TV screens SBS TV. They can catch the episode in 10:00 PM KST. Previously, this slot was previously occupied by another legal drama Back in My Life.

International fans can watch the episode on VIU Tv or even on Rakuten Viki platforms. The time zones for the same event will be 6:30 PM EST, 11 PM EST and 8 AM Central Time. Furthermore, fans can watch the series for free on the Rakuten Viki mobile app or website. It couldn’t be better than this! Episodes will be available to stream with subtitles of your choice. And then with the answer how to monitor why her? Answering loud and clear, get ready for an exciting ride!

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