How do you watch korean drama Heirs? All you need to know


Where to watch korean drama Heirs
the inheritors. CR: Autokart

Let’s take a look at how to watch the Korean drama Heirs? 2013 was an enchanting year for K-drama and K-drama fans globally. By 2013, Lee Min Ho had already established a huge fan base for himself, after starring in another hit K-drama, “Boys Over Flowers”. Then in 2011, his fan base grew, even more, when he starred as a man thirsting for revenge in the Korean drama “City Hunter”.

At the same time, Park Hye Shin’s popularity also grew, after mastering playing multiple cross-twins in “You Beautiful” in 2009 and the Poor Princess in other dramas as well. But people are eager to escape reality by rewatching this drama, and are wondering where to watch K-drama “The Heirs.”

The Heirs is a perfect drama for people new to the K-drama world, as they get to know some of the popular characters that writers still rely on today for their shock value. From star-crossed lovers who are forbidden to be together, a love triangle with a swoon-worthy second hero, a blossoming love between a chaebol and a poor girl, and the darling, enemies turn into lovers! For both the active and rookie in the K-drama world, Heirs is a must-see and here we answer where to watch Heirs.

Where to watch korean drama Heirs
Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho in a still from the movie Heirs. CR: SBS

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korean drama heirs conspiracy

With the weight of the world on your shoulders, it’s impossible to find time to fall in love. That is, children of wealthy families are not expected to fall in love, and instead marry someone who is able to maintain an elite level in their bloodline.

Enter Kim Tan, played by Lee Min Ho, a high school student. But Kim Tan is groomed like a show horse to take over his family’s company, the ultra-profitable Empire Group. Although Kim Tan may not show it, he feels insecure due to the fact that his older half-brother, Kim Won, played by Choi Jin Hyuk has been overshadowed by him.

But Kim Tan falls in love with the daughter of one of his maids, Cha Eun Sung, played by the beautiful Park Shin Hye. However, Kim Tan is engaged to marry Rachel Yoo (young Kim Ji Won’s peep with a bang plays this arrogant character!) who is the daughter of another rich family who owns a collection of hotels.

Meanwhile, we have Cha Eun Sung and Yoon Chan Young, played by Kang Min Hyuk. They didn’t grow up with the same perks or money that Kim Tan and Rachel did, but they achieve this by keeping their heads low in their high school and moving on. Yoon Chan Young falls in love with Kim Tan’s ex, Lee Bo Na, played by Krystal Jung. Lee Bo Na is like other wealthy students, she is the daughter of a huge media mogul while she herself was a socialite.

Meanwhile, Cha Eun Sung finds herself in the middle of a love triangle between Kim Tan and Choi Young Do, played by Kim Woo Bin. Choi Young Do is the son of the owners of a luxury resort conglomerate, but he is nothing short of a mean and condescending person to Cha Eun Sung.

Where to watch Heirs of Korean Drama
The main actors of the Korean drama Heirs. CR: SBS

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How do you watch the movie Heirs Korea Drama?

Due to the huge popularity of Heirs and their cult-like status in the K-drama world, there are many places where one can watch The Heirs for the first time or for the thousandth time. One of the most popular and accessible places to watch K-drama Heirs is Vicki The app is free. Another excellent place where anyone can watch ‘Heirs Korea’ is Netflixunder the name “Heirs”.

People in Southeast Asia, in countries like Indonesia, Hong Kong, the Philippines, and Singapore to name a few, can view The Heirs on Viu. Viu is also available for people who live in the Middle East, in countries like Oman, Jordan, and Kuwait. It is also available to people who live in Egypt and South Africa.

Where to watch Heirs of Korean Drama
Kim Woo Bin Corners Park Shin Hye. CR: SBS

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