How Heartstopper and Young Royals Changed LGBT + Television

With so many series struggling for accurate representation, Netflix’s Heartstopper and Young Royals shine as great examples of LGBTQ+ relationships.

For years now, the LGBTQ+ community has had to deal with baby strides in media that include characters defined as anything other than gender and straight. Many series have fallen back on the use of stock models and stereotypes as the main characterization of LGBTQ+ characters. However, in newer shows, we’ve seen a big call for better representation. As an answer to this call, it looks like Netflix has given viewers a great LGBTQ+ series – Young royal family And Heartstuber – This changes the way queer characters are presented… for the better.

It will be released in 2021 Young royal family It tells the story of Wilhelm, the fictional Prince of Sweden, as he transfers to a new boarding school where he meets fellow student Simon. The two boys navigate a secret relationship until circumstances reveal their secrets to light. Netflix Heartstuber is a hilarious slice of life that follows cute but awkward Charlie Spring as he seeks friendship with his newfound sweetheart: the cutesy rugby player Nick Nelson.

Both new series have typical plot points in that they discuss one character who was already gay while going through a relationship with a partner who comes to terms with himself and his sexuality. Where these shows differ from other series is that they do not rely solely on a fairly straightforward plot to be the only story that takes place with these characters. Heartstuber He has multiple stories of LGBTQ+ love at different stages during the eight episodes; While Young royal family He has the overall tension of Wilhelm’s royal prestige to contend with and the familial burden that rests upon him.

Other queer shows often feel the need to exaggerate the sexual aspect of LGBTQ+ stories. For the most part, LGBTQ+ stories have been left out to be intended only for an older audience because the content, situations, and characters in some shows were overly sexual, overly intense, or overly dangerous, and therefore not appropriate for children.

While Young royal family You’ll advise a slightly younger audience, whether that’s or Heartstuber It was made and is perfect for younger viewers who want to see more aspects of a queer relationship beyond sex. Heartstuber In particular, it keeps relationships in their early stages, to the point where small forms of affection are highlighted and celebrated in order to better equate certain feelings with the young audience.

After some questionable choices made at Netflix, shows like these are nuggets of gold in a vast river of content. Lots of other shows have changed the social view of queer characters and people in previous works, all of which exemplify the importance of representation in the eyes and hearts of their audience and fans. It appears like Young royal family And Heartstuber Paving the way for a new and better future in media.

Heartstopper and Young Royals are both available to stream on Netflix.

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