How to build a black mage FFXIV

since its inception, Final Fantasy XIV It has grown from its humble beginnings into one of the most popular MMO games currently available. With its unique focus on story, great soundtrack, and fun PvE encounters, it’s fair to say Final Fantasy XIV He earned his place in the MMO Hall of Fame. With the latest version of Endwalker and enter patch 6.1 update, Newfound adventureThere are now more players flocking to the game to experience the first fully realized storyline and to prepare themselves for the next part of the MMO story.

One of the many job roles available to players Final Fantasy XIV He is the Black Mage, a stealth agent of ice, fire, and thunder magic that can truly be considered a staple of the franchise. Still, with the growing popularity of the successful TTRPG Dungeons & DragonsMany players from both titles are wondering exactly how good the Black Mage subtitles will be in the setting Dungeons & Dragons. Here’s how to make a character in D & D This is similar to Black Mage.

Best D&D Category for Black Mage

Sorcerer is the best class choice for Black Mage due to his freedom to choose the spell and ability to expand the list of spells using the writing mechanic. She also has access to many of the invocation spells necessary to play a black wizard. For the subcategory, the best pick is either School of Evocation or School of War Magic. Provocation is ideal as it allows the player to increase his blast potential. Her ability to carve spells and keep party members safe, as well as increase the damage from offensive Evocation spells, makes the Evolution Wizard’s abilities similar to those of a Black Wizard. This is ideal for users of fire, ice and thunder.

Due to its ability to increase player survivability in combat, War Magic is also a great choice. Mysterious aberration improves the player’s chances of increasing his shield class upon hit, and tactical intelligence gives the player a bonus for his initiative rate. This is perfect for the class who hits first and hits hard while working very smart. Later on, the War Mage can increase their ability to perform rescue throws with an emphasis on spells, demonstrating the ability of the Black Mage to maintain their rotation while being attacked from all sides by the raid boss.

Best D&D Spells for Black Mage

In terms of spells, both invocation and invocation are two schools of magic that are suitable for black magic due to their ability to detonate. Any basic magic related to fire, ice and thunder is a good choice. In terms of cantrips, the Firebolt is the obvious first choice. It’s a decently effective malicious cantrip with good range, and it’s a great filler among stronger spells. Ray of Frost is another great cantrip to slow down an opponent’s progress and keep that critical distance between the caster and the enemy. If the enemy gets too close, electrical outlets like Thunder and Shocking Grasp are also useful, as they give the Black Mage a chance to retreat and gain distance.

In terms of non-cantrip spells, Shield mimics the Black Mage’s defensive pacing, the Manaward, and gives them better defense in a combat encounter. Black magic is nothing without high-damage AoE abilities, so spells like Lightning Bolt and Fireball are great for dealing a huge amount of damage to a range of enemies. The ability to carve spells and protect one’s allies through the Evocation School will improve the Black Mage’s usefulness in combat.

Black Mage’s Best D&D Feats

War Caster is a perfect choice for the Black Mage. It allows them to cast a spell as an opportunity attack and keep the spell focused, which is perfect for a Black Mage who wants to experience intense combat. Eldritch Adept is another achievement that excellently simulates the various cooldowns of the Black Mage, such as Ley Lines, by taking the Metamagic type of mage. Only this time, black magic could not refuse to move. But beware of choosing any metamagic based on charisma. Fey Touched is an amazing feat for equipping the Black Mage with several crowd control spells similar to their sleep role actions. Also, the +1 intelligence bonus is always useful.

Best D&D Themes for Black Mage

The primary attribute score that a Black Mage needs is Intelligence, as it is the main attribute of the Wizard class. Also, the intelligence trait allows the Black Mage to be the introduction to knowledge that is often portrayed as. Through intelligence, the Black Mage gets a boost to skills governed by intelligence, which includes religion, arcana, investigation, nature, and history. Religion and history allow the Black Mage to summon their wealth of knowledge, while nature and the Arcana allow them to identify properties of both physical and magical objects. The investigation improves the Black Mage’s ability to find clues, uncover puzzles, and solve puzzles.

After intelligence, players must focus on wisdom and constitution. The constitution is useful because it helps the Black Mage to survive longer in combat. As for wisdom, it allows black magicians to hone their worldly instincts.

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