How to draw a bird

How to draw a bird

Drawing a bird can be a good idea to start your path on drawing and a brilliant idea to hone your drawing skills, So you want to learn drawing a bird then you are in the right place. You can learn how draw anything until you become professional.

So I will show you how to draw different types of birds and we will start Now.

Draw a bird Easy

First step drawing a bird

7) Draw the head and the body

First things first, sketch an oval in which will be the head, then draw the body. Sketch a triangle but make it a little bit circular.

How to draw a bird step by step
Step 2 sketching the head

6) Draw the beak

Now you will draw the beak, draw a sharp triangle but dont make the lines straight, then in tge middle sketch a line and again don’t make it stright.

How to draw
Draw the eyes

5) Draw thr bird’s eye

After drawing the head and tge beak it is time to draw eyes, actually we will draw just one eye because we can’t draw two eyes. Anyway, just sketch a small oval and it will be better if tge color of the eye is black, then we will give it soke effecta by drawing some Blades it is easy you can just sketch some small lines.

How to draw the bird's  wings
Step 4 drawing wings

4) Time to draw wings

You might find this step hard but it is not just take a pen so you can delete the wrong lines later, draw a diagonal line then sketch small lines one below the other, when drawing the first one make the second smaller and so on.

The last thing is to draw the blades as we did before, sketch some small lines as you can see in the picture.

 how to draw a small bird
Step 5 drawing the underside wings

3) Draw the underside wing

Sketch some lines look like the letter (L).

drawing - how to draw
Step 6 delete the first lines

2) Delete the first lines

Congratulations 🎊 you are almost done, you remember the first step when we draw the first lines the head and body, now you should delete those lines because we draw them in order to help us while drawing.

how to draw a bird
The last step, give your work colors

1) Colors

This is how to draw a bird flying. Now you can choose either coloring the drawing or just

How to Draw a bird step by step (Advanced)

Do you want to learn how to draw an angry bird? Yes!! ok the best example of an angry bird is? can you guess? Yes great it is the Eagle. So let’s draw it together

drawing a bird - how to draw an eagle
Step 1 Drawing Eagle

1) Sketch the head, the body a wing (we will delete them later)

As always you will draw the head and the body, but this time the wings also (just one). Remember that you take a pen and your drawing can be deleted okay?

So draw the three things, the head, the body and a wing.

Draw the Egele
Step 2 draw the head

2) Draw the head and legs

Now you will start by drawing the Egle’s head, beak and legs.

To draw the head you need to sketch an elliptical line then draw the beak (it is easy) just look at the picture and by practicing you will learn, don’t try to master everything at the beginning. The legs will be like the letter (j) just sketch a triangle and make it look like what’s on the image.

drawing - how to draw a bird
Drawing Eyes and claws

3) Draw eyes and claws

Now time for real drawing, draw the eye by sketching an oval and put inside it another small circle and color ut with (black). Sketch the claws and make them Sharp. Draw the Wing and give it feathering.

 how to draw a bird
Make your drawing look awesome

4) Complete your drawing and make it look awesome

Complete the wing and in der Tlat Wang draw the feathering.

drawing a bird - how to draw a bird
Delete the first lines

5) Make your drawing look great (how to draw a bird)

Now just take a pen and draw your Egle again and take an eraser and dekete the first lines you draw in the beginning.

Eagle drawing
The last steps

6) Make the right side of the legs darker (the same thing with wings)

Towards the legs make the right side darker especially right leg. For the wings make the bottom of the right wing more darker. For the head of the Eagle give the front side some melancholy 😂😅.

The last step 😊

7) The last step as always (colors)

Congratulations, you are done. “You are free to choose either giving your drawing colors or not. Thank you.

So in this post, you learned how to draw a bird simple and how to draw a bird wing, head, and lots of things right? So what I want from you is just to give me your feedback, that means how this was for you is it helpful? did you learn something? or not? please tell me in the comments I would be so happy for your feedback or advice.

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