Do you want to learn how to draw a car for beginners? great, you’re in the right place.

I will show you how to draw a car easily in just a few simple steps.

It will be like this:

How to draw a car.

Let’s start drawing .

Step 1) Draw an oblong.

Start by drawing a simple oblong like this one.

Step 2) draw the tire of the car.

Sketch 2 circles to draw the tires of the car, then add the top of the car.

Step 3) Draw a line.

Draw a line that comes from the tire of the car “look at the image”.

Step 4) do the same thing with the whole car.

Repeat the process, do the same thing with the back of the car and the top of it.

Step 5) Sketch a line beside the tires.

“follow the image”.

Step 6) Edit the front of the car.

Edit the front of the car by drawing the cover of the lights

Step 7) Draw the bottom lights.

Draw the bottom lights and oblong in the middle.

Make the top cover lights appear well “that means take another pen and repeat drawing this oblong”

Step 8) Make the lights alive

Draw the lights, 2 circles on the right side and 2 other circles on the left side as well as oblong in the middle.

Step 9) Edit the top of the car.

“Follow the image”

Step 10) Continue editing the top of the car.

“Follow the picture”

Step 11) Edit the door of the car.

Edit the door of the car and add the mirror.

Step 12) Draw the tires and make them look awesome.

“Follow the image”

Step 13) Congratulations you are done

Delete unwanted lines and mistakes. And Congrats. You’ve finished your drawing.

How to draw a car?
How to draw a car?

Step 14) Coloring, The last step at ” how to draw a car for beginners”.

Give your car some colors to look nice and show it to your friends and family.

So this is how to draw a car for beginners, PLEASE I want you to tell me how it was your experience while reading this article and did you found it valuable? did you learn something? I just want your feedback, you can tell me in the comments below, you can give me and advice.

The reason why I want and I need your opinion is because I want to improve my skills and start writing better than this. YOUR OPINION IS IMPORTANT TO ME

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