How To Draw a Tree Easy?

How to draw a tree easily? Let me tell you that you are in the right place to learn drawing, if you love anime drawing you can find out here on this website. So all you need to do is follow the steps that I will talk about in this article.

How to draw a tree easy?

It is easy, you have just 8 steps to follow then you will have a beautiful tree.

Step 1) Draw a big circle and two lines

In order to start drawing a tree, you need to sketch lines that will help you while drawing so keep in mind that we will delete those lines later.

Step 2) Make the lines clear.

Take another pan and repeat drawing those two lines.

Step 3) Draw the stools.

Draw the stools by sketching 2 lines like this || but don’t make them straight, try to include some warps to make it like the real stools.

Step 4) give it some roots and draw a hole.

Draw a hole on the tree then go to the bottom of the tree and draw some roots by sketching some lines.

Step 5) Draw more stools and make them taller.

Make the stools taller and draw more by sketching lines like this || as I said before.

Step 6) Draw the foliage.

Now time to complete your drawing by adding the foliage, follow the circle you draw before. It will help you so much.

Step 7) Almost done.

Almost done just delete the first circle but before doing that repeat drawing the tree with another pen.

Step 8) The last step is to color your drawing.

Color your drawing by adding the same colors that appear on the picture or you can use your own colors. Or you can leave it without colors.

Please Give me your feedback, tell me how it was your experience reading or learning how to draw on this article. Don’t forget to do that because it is so important for me to develop my skills, and remember you can talk with me whenever you want.

Thank you.

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