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How to draw anime male hair?

by Youssef
How to draw anime male hair
How to draw anime boy
How to draw anime male face

How to draw anime boy? How to draw anime male Hair? In this step by step tutorial, you will learn how to do it also it covers 2 different methods in order to give you a clear explanation. 

The first method includes 14 steps, but for second method we have just 13 steps as well as some YouTube videos that will help you while drawing, so I hope you enjoy it let’s start painting.

How to draw anime boy?

Step 1) Paint the face the Anime.

Start by drawing the face, sketch some streaks as described in the picture.

Step 2) Give it some hair.

If you want you can draw some lines to help you while drawing, but this time we aren’t using any helper lines.

Step 3) Complete the hair Drawing. How to draw anime boy hair.

Complete the hair drawing, if you don’t know how to draw anime hairΒ here is how.

Step 4) Draw anime ears

In this stage you need to draw the ears, it is easy, just look at the image.

Paint a half-circle attached with the head, inside it a short line.

Step 5) Complete the drawing of the hair.

Complete the drawing of the hair but don’t try to make it look exactly like the picture if it’s hard on you. you can be creative a bit πŸ˜‰.

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Step 6) In the same process of drawing anime hair.

Sketch more hair on the right side of the face.

Step 7) Now finish hair drawing.

Besides the ear, finish drawing the hair.

Step 8) Give it some effects.

Do the same as you can see in the picture, give the hair a few effects by drawing triangles randomly.

Step 9) Draw the neck and the clothes.

Draw the neck by sketching two streaks down like this ( ||)Β  then draw the clothes.

Step 10) Complete clothes drawing.

In the right and the left complete drawing the clothes.

Step 11) Draw the nose and the mouth (Anime face drawing).

Not draw an open πŸ”Ί triangle to be the nose, then draw the mouth.

If you couldn’t draw the mouth watch this video below.

Step 12) Eye drawing. How to draw anime boy eyes.

Draw 2 oval lines. For the first one, paint a short line straight to the bottom as you can see in the picture then, do the same thing with the other one

Step 13) Draw the pupil. Sketch 2 oval circles

Sketch 2 oval circles to draw the pupil. Try to make them similar to each other.

Step 14) Complete eye drawing and sketch the eyebrows.

Now complete the eyes by drawing the necessary thing as described in the image. And you are done.

Learn hereΒ how to draw anime eyebrows.

How to draw anime boy
How to draw anime male face

How to draw anime male? Method number 2

How to Draw anime boy

Step 1) Paint the face. How to draw anime boy face.

First things first, draw the face as you can see it in the picture.

Here you can learn how to draw anime face.

How to Draw anime boy

Step 2) Paint the hair

Now start drawing the hair (I am not using any helper lines here so if you are a beginner you can paint those lines).

Draw anime male hair

Step 3) Continue drawing the Hair πŸ’–

Continue drawing the hair ovally so it can close the face.

Draw anime male hair

Step 4) Draw the neck

Draw the neck like this ( | |) but not exactly. I am just trying to help you πŸ˜„

How to draw anime male hair

Step 5) Finish drawing the hair and paint ears.

In the top draw an oval or a half-circle to close the head, when you finish paint the ear as you did before.

How to draw anime male hair

Step 6) Oops 🀭 Beside the neck draw more hair and sketch some lines on the hair for Decorations.

🀣 Sorry, Draw more hair beside the ears but you have the choice of doing this or not.

For the decoration, it’s important to do the same as the picture “sketch some short lines in the very top of the head”

How to draw anime male hair

Step 7) Draw the nose

Draw the nose but if you couldn’t watch this video below it will help you.

You can be creative and draw different nose 😎.

How to draw anime male face

Step 8) Draw the mouth

This time the mouth is easy to draw, simply sketch a line nearly oval and under the mouth paint a short streak.

How to draw anime male face

Step 9) Start painting anime Eyes

Now paint eyes it’s easy right so I don’t need to explain anything πŸ€₯πŸ˜‹

How to draw anime male face

Step 10) Sketch Eyebrows

Draw eyebrows I already explained it in this post.

How to draw anime male face

Step 11) Sketch the pupil inside Eyes

Draw the pupil, ooh it’s hard a bit to draw also to explain so a video must be better to explain so watch it bellow.

How to draw anime male face

Step 12) Add some effects for the neck

Now tell me πŸ€”πŸ€¨ is it better to draw the neck with or without those effects or decorations. Of course with, so just do the same with the picture.

How to draw anime male face

Step 13) The last step is to draw the clothes.

Finally congratulations, πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ€™πŸ»πŸ™‡πŸ»β€β™€οΈ you have done drawing but just draw the clothes, sketch half-circle and in the top of it draw another one.

So this is how to draw anime boy step by step, PLEASE I want you to tell me how it was your experience while reading this article andΒ did you found it valuable? did you learn something? I just want your feedback,Β you can tell me in the comments below, you can give me and advice.

The reason why I want and I need your opinion is because I want to improve my skills and start writing better than this. YOUR OPINION IS IMPORTANT FOR ME πŸ™‚

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