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How to draw cartoon humans

by Youssef
How to draw cartoon humans

You want to learn how to draw cartoon humans, well this is the right place you know why? because actually drawing cartoon humans is hard but I have the easiest way for you, so don’t worry and let us start. 😉 

How to draw cartoon humans?

How to draw cartoon humans

Step 1) Draw 4 horizontal lines

The first thing you need to do when ever you want to draw cartoon humans or something is to paint some lines to help you while drawing so do that. 

The first 2 lines in the top for the head the 2 lines in the bottom for the legs.

How to draw cartoon

Step 2) Draw the body of the cartoon humans

Now sketch the body as it is on the image.

Draw cartoon legs

Step 3 Draw legs

Here is how to draw cartoon legs, just do like the picture write flipped (L) and then a circle like what’s in the picture.

Draw cartoon human

Step 4 Complete drawing legs consedering the helper lines

Draw cartoon

Step 5 draw arms one up and one down

Draw cartoon human

Step 6 Draw hands and finish drawing legs

Draw cartoon human

Step 7 Draw cartoon human head

You can do that by drawing a circle, yes it is this simple.

Draw cartoon human

Step 8 Start making a cute drawing

Now erase the lines you draw in the beginning of this step by step tutorial to make your drawing clear and beautiful, as well as you must start drawing clothes

Draw cartoon clothes

Step 9 Edit arms and continue drawing the clothes

Continue drawing clothes

Step 10 Draw shoes and the second half of this cartoon human

How to Draw cartoon human

Step 11 make clothes look real a little bit

how to draw cartoon clothes

Step 12 Make your drawing look real

Draw the clothes in tha bottom and edit the neck of the cartoon girl.

draw cartoon hair

Step 13 Almost done, Just draw the Hair

Just draw the hair I don’t think that it is hard right? ok so try to draw it and you have one last step to complete.

How to draw cartoon humans

Step 14 Finish drawing cartoon human

Congratulations you are done drawing, You just need to edit the clothes and final touches.

If you want to draw a face here is haw to draw cartoon face

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