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How to draw tattoos?

by Youssef

How to Draw Tattoos?

So you want to learn how to draw tattoos? It’s actually pretty easy once you get the hang of it! To start off, find a photo of a tattoo that you like. Check out your local library or search online for some great examples! Now

We will draw those tattoos in the Gallery and more.

Tattoos are a very popular form of art and expression. They are used by people of all ages, for various reasons. Drawings of tattoos can be used to look up new styles and designs.

Number #1 Eagle Tattos

  1. First of all draw the pupil and some lines as you can see in the picture.
  2. Second draw the eagle beak as well as the nose. For the beak you can make it sharp, for the nose it is simple you can draw something like a drop of water yes it is that simple.
  3. Third sketch the mouth and the tonge for that it will be better if you follow with the image, just look at it and make the same.
  4. Now you need to draw the head, simply you draw a line at the top of his eye mixed with the hair.
  5. Now make it longer but make sure you drop it a bit to the bottom.
  6. Then you’ll have to add some more hair
  7. Add More Hair
  8. Add More Hair in the bottom
  9. Now just finish your drawing by adding more hair close to the mouth to make it awesome

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Number #2 Wings Tattos

To draw a tatto you need to know what you have to draw right? so if you wan to draw wings here is how can you do it.

  1. Draw the first wing but just a little, just draw something looks like an eyebrow as you can see in the picture.
  2. Draw the second one and try to make it them the same in order to make your sketch perfect, if you know how to make them the same then that’s great if you don’t here is how. Check this and see if it can help you as well as the vedio below.
  • Now add the feathers, sketch only 4 and make each one smaller than the other starting from the top
  • Next Draw the feathers of other wings and again make them the same, you will need this everytime you draw something, this skill of maing things the same like eyes, ears, and more. So make sure you learn it
  • Add other 4 feathers down and make them almost the same one taller than the other, look at the image to know what you should do.

Number #3 Eye Tattos

  • To draw eagle eye sketch a circle a small one, then add a “moon” down below the eye.
  • Down under the eye draw as you can see in the image.

Number #4 Dragon Tatto

Number #5 Bull Tatto

Number #6- Bull Tattos

Number #7 Fire Tattos

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