How to watch Monstrous (2022) Kdrama Online?


monster drama where to watch online
Where do you watch Monstrous Kdrama?

Fans want to know where to watch the supernatural thriller Monstrous kdrama online. How could they not do that when it has already captured the attention of global drama fans? Although it is a small series, the story mainly focused on the core part of the plot, revealing how the fall of Jinyang Province began after the excavation of the haunted Buddhist statue. Moreover, the members of Monstrous kdrama made it more exciting with their outstanding performances, especially Koo Kyo Hwan and Shin Hyun Bin. Fans also praise Kwak Dong Yeon and Nam Da Reum for their flawless portrayal of their characters.

TVING’s original Monstrous kdrama is written by Yeon Sang Ho and Ryu Yong Jae and directed by Jang Kun Jae. It premiered on April 29, 2022, with all six episodes releasing on the same day. Since it is a mini-series, the episodes last for 40 minutes. Moreover, the supernatural drama depicts the story of the people of Jinyang Province. The Bizzare phenomenon occurs after Governor Kwon Jong Soo excavates an ancient Buddhist statue without realizing that it is possessed by an evil spirit. Although the trip is short, it intrigues exciting fans. Hence, viewers want to know where to watch Monstrous kdrama online!

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Brutal Korean Drama – Plot & Cast

The supernatural thriller Monstrous kdrama has become a hot topic of discussion among online drama lovers. After all, she attracted the attention of viewers with her interesting story and crew. The drama stars Koo Kyo Hwan as Jung Ki Hoon and Shin Hyun Bin as Lee Soo Jin. In this story, Jung Ki Hoon and Lee Soo Jin are a divorced couple who were archaeologists. However, after the death of their daughter, they both fall apart. Jung Ki Hoon starts publishing the monthly magic magazine Strange Story and runs the YouTube channel of the same title. Meanwhile, Lee Soo Jin moves to Jinyang County to forget the pain of losing her child.

monster drama where to watch online

The drama also stars Kwak Dong Yeon as Kwak Yong Joo, Nam Da Reum as Han Do Kyung, Park Ho San as Kwon Jong Soo, and Kim Ji Young as Han Seok Hee as the main lead. The story shows how Han Seok Hee and Han Do Kyung, a mother and son, fall apart after learning her son’s involvement in a bad group, such as delinquent Kwak Young Joo. Meanwhile, Kwon Jong Soo is the governor of Jinyang Province, who excavates a Buddhist statue and decides to turn it into a tourist attraction for his own benefit.

However, the ruler’s petty greed causes Jinyang to fall because the Buddhist statue is possessed by an evil spirit. It also removes the incantation from Buddhist sculpture. As the agony begins, people are faced with an incredibly strange and frightening phenomenon. The evil spirit brings out the deepest hostility and despair from people’s hearts which leads to the destruction of one’s mind when people start killing each other. Amidst this chaos, will an archaeologist be able to save humanity or fall into an endless pit of self-loathing?

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How to watch Monstrous Kdrama online?

Even after its completion, many fans are wondering where they can watch Monstrous kdrama online. Monstrous is the original TVING series, so you can find the drama on the official tvN or TVING website. TVING is an online streaming channel like Netflix, Amazon Prime or Rakuten Viki. However, it only broadcasts tvN dramas or shows and TVING original series. Moreover, to broadcast Monstrous kdrama, viewers will have to purchase their subscription plan.

monster drama where to watch online

Besides TVING’s official website, you can find short clips of the drama on TVING’s official YouTube channel. Unfortunately, Monstrous kdrama is not available on other online streaming platforms, such as Netflix, Rakuten Viki, Kocowa, Amazon Prime, iQIYI, etc. As there are many tvN series available on Netflix, Monstrous will also be available soon if it goes international More exposed. But, for now, you can watch all six episodes of the brutal supernatural drama movie on TV with English subtitles!

Here, take a look at the Monstrous 2022 kdrama trailer:

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