Anime Hunter X Hunter is back in 2022, Great news for anime lovers because this one is one of the best. So How Hunter X Hunter’s new season will be? Reverse other animes such as One Piece, Bleach, the seven deadly sins, and more, this one is not long and that makes us excited to watch the next episode.

BREAKING NEWS: It’s official! Yoshihiro Togashi opens his first Twitter account just to announce that he is back drawing Hunter x Hunter, and got thousands of followers in just minutes!! I told you I will announce it! Follow the link in the image to see, Don’t forget to spread the good news!

Hunter x hunter Season 7 Release Date
Yoshihiro Togashi

Check his Official Twitter Account here;

Yoshihiro Togashi

The Manga (not the anime) will start this year exactly this May according to Crunchyroll, you can see the screenshot below. For the anime, I won’t lie, no news yet. When something is there we will write about it here.

If you want to not miss the opportunity of launching the next season keep coming to see the news. We are updating this always once we get the correct info.

For Now, Togashi started working again which means we have to say welcome to the best anime in the world.

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Hunter X Hunter Season 7 Release Date

Togashi with his team gave us some signs but actually, there is nothing till the moment, we will keep updating this so when the anime is going to start we will inform you.

Hunter X Hunter Season 7 Release Date is at the end of 2021 or the middle of 2022, but we don’t know yet if it is really going to be starting this May, but this is the exact time we know about.

The writer said that he has 10 chapters ready he didn’t mention the exact time but we will update this section so don’t forget to check it again later.

October 2, 2011, was the first time for Hunter X Hunter where we watched Season 1 then the Manga continued until 2014, when the writer stopped because he was sick and he is still sick so the problem is that he is sick, he is afraid of dying before finishing the manga.

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But unless he is sick we won’t see anything but Togashi actually want to finish it, he said:

“This comes to a point where either, one the story concludes first, or second I die before that happens.

So that’s another problem which is the psychology of the writer is not good but I think at least we will see one season.

The writer and the studio are working hard so they need some rest but they toke it because we know that in Japan, people work hard ad for hours without taking some rest, that’s why some of them get sick or something like that.

Actually, that is what happened to Oda (The writer of One Piece) and lots of manga producers.

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But Oda even though he is an old man, he still working on his famous manga one piece, so Togashi the writer of Hunter didn’t say that the manga ends but he just said that he is sick that’s it

Why was Hunter X Hunter canceled?

I watched the legendary anime Hunter in 2013 and the end was in 2014 when Gon met his father and Parted with Killua, it was a happy ending at the same time sad because the anime ended.

Yoshihiro Togashi, the manga artist felt bad because of the ending of his anime and he wanted to come back to the Manga, he did it and issued many chapters, but he got bored and stopped production because of “Boredom” he was not motivated enough to continue, I don’t know why but I think the producer felt that he is working hard and he started taking care of his health and himself more than working.

He was producing some and stopped for months and he comes back again and stop again.

Hunter X Hunter Season 7 review (dark continent)

hunter x hunter the dark continent is the next arc where we are going to see Ging Freecss the father of Gon and his power, actually, we didn’t saw yet the power of Ging and his role in the story as well as the family of Zoldyck, Illumi and Hisoka as well which we didn’t saw their real power and too many characters so it’s sad if there is no other arc or arcs better.

The problem is just in the writer Togashi, this is enough we want to see other arcs, I think the characters will become older so we can be more excited to see new things.

Where to Watch hunter x hunter English dub

If you really want to watch the English dubbed version of “Hunter X Hunter” manga it’s available on those best places starting from Netflix, Adult Swim, Crunchyroll, and Viz Media (Official Licensor) as well.

What is the plot of Hunter x Hunter?

The Hunter X Hunter manga focuses on Gon Freecss especially and his friend Killua who are friends for a long time and they passed from hard and beautiful events. Gon a boy around 12-year-old started his life and was without his parents, his dad is one of the best hunters in the world but he never saw him.

Hunter x hunter Season 7 Release Date
Hunter x hunter season 7 release date

Gon from a poor family chose to take the road of his father and become the best hunter in the world so that he can meet his father. Hunting does not mean hunting animals only but also experiencing real adventures that might take your life so his way was not easy but the boy continued searching for his father and training to become the best hunter in the world.

His friends Killua, Kurapika, and Leorio help him and help each other to achieve their dreams.

Killua from a rich family strong boy actually was stronger than Gon in the beginning but I think now they have the same power.

Kurapika is also strong but just when he met the Phantom Troupe “spiders” we’ve seen his real power then his job is done and we moved to Killua and Gon.

Leorio comes with the dream of becoming a doctor, but even if he is not that strong but he was helpful many times.

Gon Freecss

Hunter x hunter Season 7 Release Date

Gon is the hero of this story, he is a young boy who doesn’t give up and he is going after his dreams. we all love him and the most important thing is that we want to see the power of his dad Ging Freecss. After he succeeds at the hunters’ exam he becomes stronger and moved to bigger exams in life the last one was the battle with the king of the ants Meruem the strongest in Hunter X Hunter Manga, some guys will ask if Gon’s transformation can beat Netero or Meruem.

No, and 1000 no. They are strong like crazy the new transformation of Gon can’t stand even 2 minutes, Why? easily because Gon’s attack is slow and Meruem or Netero won’t leave Gon to get ready to do his attack, as well as they are faster and stronger but why stronger? They are stronger because Gon didn’t train to be in this transformation but he got some power which is not enough in addition to that he is not gonna stay too much with that appearance. what do you think?


Hunter x hunter Season 7 Release Date

Killua is a good boy even if he is from a rich and legendary assassin’s family, yeah so imagine that but he does not take things seriously. His family all are strong but his father and grandfather as well as his brother tried to kill him and did a lot of bad things to him.

Killua is a strong boy just like his family, he felt boring inside his home so he decided to leave then he met Gon and they started their way to becoming the best hunters.

He is a loyal and good friend even if he doesn’t care for such things but Gon shock him every time, so now he is ready to sacrifice his safety for those ones he loves.



As a member of the Kurta Clan Kurapika is considered one of the best and most popular characters in the manga, he is featured for his smartness and strength. His eye color changes every time when he sees one of the spiders.

The last known survivor of their clan and the only one who can revenge their deaths and as I said in his heart so much hate. He is actually a very loyal friend who cares for everyone around him, and with his weapon which allows him to project chains out of the tip of his fingers but he does not use it too much unless there’s a big danger.



A great and funny guy but not that much we can say just a cool man, he is smart and his dream to become a doctor but the only reason who made him enroll the hunter exam is actually that he is a good man who wants to provide free medical services to the ones in need but he needs some money so the exam of hunters is the best place to get enough money.

He is not a strong guy like his friends Killua, Gon, and Kurapika.



Hisoka is one of the strongest characters I can say that his power matches the power of Killua’s brother but who knows we didn’t see anything yet but I wish we see their real power in the next chapters.

The other thing that I am confused about is that I don’t know if he is considered an enemy for Goan and Killua or a friend because, in the beginning, he was an enemy but later they are more likely to be friends.


  1. I guess the release will not be this year nor next year. After waiting, we still don’t have a sure update, and all the news is just rumors. Fans are still waiting for the comeback because of the cliff hanger ending. We don’t know what will happen to Gon after the Chimera ant arc, and where is Hisoka located at the moment. That’s the question that we need to have an answer once the series returns.

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