“I don’t have cancer guys”


At the turn of a piece of VV5, Vald made a reference to a potential concert, which worried his fans. He reassured them on Twitter.

today is out VV5. Awaited since its announcement during a concert in Bercy, this fifth album thought of as an extension of V imposes a conquering Vald whose desire to rap seduces. But, at the bend of one of the thirteen pieces of the project, a phase worried its public. “Cancer told me to hurryhe says in “FEELINGS”. It was enough for his fans to question themselves on Twitter.

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Wald: “I don’t have cancer guys»

While he communicates a lot on Twitter since the announcement of the release of VV5, Vald therefore wanted to reassure his fans. No, the V is not sick: “I don’t have cancer guys, (not that I know of anyway). We are all told to hurry to enjoy before the cancer falls on us“. A tweet which will therefore have overcome the concerns of its fans, who are gradually welcoming the project and whose first opinions seem rather positive.

In the rest of the news, Booba publishes an alternative version of a capital piece of ULTRA.

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