“I pulled the rope a lot”


Live on his Twitch channel, Squeezie explained that he had accumulated a lot of fatigue with the sequence of large YouTube formats.

In 2022, Squeezie will not have lifted his foot from the accelerator. It is quite the contrary. The first French YouTuber will thus have moved up a gear, whether on Twitch by organizing the GPExplorer and maintaining a staggering rate of one stream per week or on YouTube, multiplying exceptional formats such as The biggest Where’s Wally in the world, Behind the door, We face humanity’s greatest fears or Who will have the trapped object. If we add to this the concept of the impostor of which he multiplied the episodes, we obtain a breathless year.

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Squeezie: “Next year I will reduce a bit”

A year from which he suffered a bit of a backlash recently, as he explained live: “I’ve pulled the strings there a lot since September. We did amazing stuff on the channel and I’m so happy. But I confess to you guys, I am at a level of exhaustion… I left feathers there. All these formats, all these things, I left feathers there. We got a little fired up. So next year I’m going to reduce it a bit anywaysays Squeezie. We will avoid concentrations of big formats like that“.

However, the year is not over. And to close 2022, Squeezie has no plans to reduce the pace: “Before the new year there will be episode 2 of Behind the door, episode 2 of We face humanity’s greatest fears, a Story video and an Impostor“. Special concepts, requiring enormous human and technical deployment: “Just the two Behind the door and We face the greatest fears is something that we only release every two months because they are huge productions, which require a lot of time for preparation, filming and post- especially production, editing and everything. So that’s a lot“. In 2023, therefore, expect a more measured Squeezie, but still as present.

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