in Lyon, their fans improvise a concert after the cancellation


PNL fans met to improvise a mini-concert after the cancellation of the show at the Halle Tony Garnier in Lyon.

It’s just a small consolation prize. This Wednesday, PNL canceled, four hours before going on stage, their performance in Lyon. The artists communicated via their social networks, regretting this decision which would apparently be due to a health concern of one of the two brothers. But at 4 p.m., when the message was published, many of them had already found themselves in front of the Halle Tony Garnier, in Lyon.

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A huge disappointment, even incomprehension, crossed the crowd of people present in front of the Lyon venue. Especially since some had been queuing for long hours to secure a place as close as possible to the authors of Two brothers. Under the burning sun of this Wednesday afternoon, a group of people finally improvised a small concert in front of the room. We see them rapping, by heart and a capella, the verses of PNL. Nice images, despite the disappointment.

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In the evening, PNL also canceled its scheduled date for Thursday May 19 in Nice. The group posted a similar message, promising that the dates would be rescheduled. It remains to be seen when, while the Corbeil duo will perform four times at the AccorHotel Arena in Bercy next week, thus completing their tour. It could be a matter of months for Nice and Lyon fans.

In any case, the wind is a little less good for PNL, which has already had some problems with its first part.

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