Is A Million Small Thing worth renewing for Season 5?


For the past four years, the ABC drama, A million little thingsHe touched every emotional high and low imaginable. Suicide, loss, depression, cancer, racial empowerment and discrimination, abortion, infertility, gender identity and sexuality are just a few of the challenging topics the show has touched upon during its four seasons.

There are certainly a lot of topics to tackle, or even expand upon in future seasons, but one can’t help but ask: Is A million little things Still worth renewing? With a star-studded cast, including Grace Park, David Giuntoli, Romany Malco, Allison Miller, and James Roday Rodriguez, viewers continue to tune out to keep up with the ongoing drama. At times, the series has seemed like drama for drama’s sake without a satisfactory resolution of some of its crucial social issues. Despite high viewership rates during the middle of Season 4, the network has yet to announce the show’s renewal.

There were many compelling things about A million little things Early on, like an unusual relationship between four male friends. The show also touched on its cast members, but what seemed to set the series apart is that it focuses on the emotional lives of men, which are often hidden behind a tough exterior. Suffering an unexpected suicide, the series explored the grief, guilt, blame, and depression that followed the loss of the essential individual who held them all together: John Dixon. The quartet, who met in a stuck elevator, bonded over their love for the professional hockey team of the Boston Bruins, after which John began buying season tickets that brought the four of them together and forged a bond between their families.

Throughout that first season, each character dealt with Jon’s death in their own way. Former rock star Eddie Saville has blamed himself, and for good reason. Eddie was having an affair with John’s wife, Delilah, and there were plenty of hints that John might have known. Was this the reason for his suicide?

Breast cancer survivor Gary Mendes survived the trauma of his illness only because John was there to cheer him on. Did he ignore John’s suffering during his treatment? Could he have saved his friend if he had just been attentive?

Behind the scenes, Roma Howard struggled with his mental health and was on the verge of suicide when he received a call regarding John’s death. If Jon did not commit suicide, Rome might have died, leaving the world in the same chaos and chaos as everyone who loved Jon. After confessing to the men about his depression, they band together to insist that he seek help and share his struggles with his mental health with his wife, Regina.

While there have been plenty of shows over the years that have shown the softer side of men, A million little things They focused on this, explaining that despite the societal tendency to believe that men have figured out everything, and can handle anything the world throws at them and ignore, they are just as emotional as their female counterparts. Sometimes more than that.

Although the show always gives women an equal bill, the deep exploration of male feelings was one of the things that made the series a success. Death changed their lives in ways no one expected. In fact, that’s the one aspect of the show that never wavers – especially for Gary’s character.

After Delilah moved to France, John’s children, Sophie and Danny, remained for some time, and Gary had to take care of them. His inexperience as a father collides with his reckless nature when he discovers that Sophie has been sexually manipulated by her music teacher. His anger led him down a dark and violent path that nearly cost him his relationship with Sophie and could have landed him in prison. As Gary and his romantic partner Maggie Bloom embark on their own journey toward parenting in Season 4, one can’t help but wonder what fans would lose if the show was canceled.

While he may not focus too much on losing John, the constant reminder that men are emotional beings can have a powerful impact. As long as ABC keeps this in mind for future seasons, fans will continue to follow it A million little things For the fifth season and beyond. There’s no official announcement about the renewal yet, but given the large number of episodes in Season 4, and the fact that they announced the show’s renewal in May 2021, there’s definitely hope for Season 5.

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