Is Neymar’s ex-girlfriend’s wedding real?


Neymar Ex-Girlfriend Real Wedding

Last year, a video went viral on the internet that made fans wonder if ex-girlfriend Neymar’s wedding was real? Football star Neymar is a name known all over the world. He has dated many women over the years. Interestingly, all his love affairs always become a talk of interest to fans, and people are curious to know more about his girlfriend even after their breakup. Break up, Matchup and Patch up is an ongoing episode in the industry and it always grabs the headlines.

In early 2021, a video of Neymar’s ex-girlfriend appeared on social media platforms leading to rumors that she tied the knot. Although the news made headlines last year, it’s still the talk of the people. Undoubtedly you are also wondering the same thing, who is the beauty in the video, and when did she date Neymar? Moreover, are you married? Certainly, there are thousands of questions swirling around the internet about Neymar’s ex-girlfriend, and here in the article, we are going to talk about it. So, without wasting any more time, let’s dive right into the article and find out if Neymar’s ex-girlfriend’s wedding is real?

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Who is Neymar’s ex-girlfriend?

Before finding out if Neymar’s ex-girlfriend’s wedding is for real, let me tell you who we’re talking about. The video, which went viral on the Internet last year, shows Bruna Marquezine, the girlfriend of former Brazilian soccer player Neymar.

Those who follow Neymar’s dating history might realize that Neymar and Bruna’s romantic departure was a major talk of people’s attention at the time. For starters, Neymar dated model and actress Bruna in 2012. The couple were in a serious relationship and were often caught in the cameras enjoying dinner dates and partying.

Neymar’s ex-girlfriend

Bruna usually accompanies Neymar on his tours and was seen cheering him on during matches. They officially dated for about four years before he invited him to quit in 2018. In 2018, the couple officially announced their separation and parted ways.

Three years after their separation, a video of Bruna in a beautiful blue dress went viral. Looks like she was at a wedding. Rumors spread online that Neymar’s ex-girlfriend Bruna got married and he attended her wedding. At first, the video went viral on TikTok, then it took over Twitter and even Instagram. So, is Neymar’s ex-girlfriend’s wedding real?

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Is Neymar’s ex-girlfriend’s wedding real?

This video shows that Neymar’s ex-girlfriend and Neymar are attending a wedding. However, fans mistook it was Bruna’s wedding, and Neymar attended it. However, reality holds something different. In fact, Neymar’s ex-girlfriend was seen wearing a beautiful dress at a wedding, and she looked like a bride. However, it was not her wedding. She is not married.

Ex-girlfriend Neymar's wedding is real
Neymar Jr and his ex-girlfriend at the wedding (photo from the clip)

The video was taken when Neymar Jr and Bruna were dating, and they attended a wedding together. She was a maid of honor. The video also showed other girls, all of whom were wearing blue dresses. It was her friend’s wedding that she attended with her boyfriend Neymar. Interestingly enough, Neymar also wore identical clothes.

Who is Neymar dating now?

The status of Neymar’s relationship is completely blurry. He looks celibate, but it’s also possible that he’s seeing someone in private and waiting for the right moment to reveal it publicly. His last girlfriend was Natalia Barulich. They met again in 2018 at Neymar’s birthday party. Maluma, Natalie’s then-boyfriend, performed at Neymar’s birthday party, and Natalie accompanied him. After her split from the singer in 2019, the model started dating the football star. In February 2020, Natalia officially announced their relationship. However, the romance did not last long, and the following year they split up. Before Natalie, he was in a relationship with Bruna. Bruna and Neymar’s relationship often grabs the headlines even though they ended it.

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