Is the order a rabbit? Bloom Blu-ray launches Monday – News


Monday 23 May, MVM you will release Is the order a rabbit? Flowersthe third season of Is the order a rabbit?on Blu-ray. MVM Describes the story:

“It looks like only yesterday That Cocoa Hoto has arrived at an unusual restaurant/boarding house and has made it her goal to become a “older sister” to the owner’s young daughter, Chino, and now Chino and her friends Megumi and Maya have almost finished middle school and are trying to decide what high schools to attend! ”

Anime Limited The collector will be released on Blu-ray with the first season of The heroic legend of Arslan – This is the 2015 TV anime, which is directly based on the manga by Hiromu Arakawa (Fullmetal AlchemistAdapted from a novel series written by Yoshiki Tanika. This edition includes a 52-page “Visual Guide” booklet with art from the series. Anime Limited Describes the story:

The clash of swords and the fall of warriors and the battle for the future of the Kingdom of Pars begins in the first twelve episodes of the saga The heroic legend of Arslan The first season. In the midst of a war between the nations of Pars and Lusitania, young Prince Arslan barely escapes with his life when his father, King Andragoras III, is targeted by traitors in his camp. With nothing but the help of a steadfast and loyal warrior Darion and a group of henchmen, Arslan must face impossible difficulties to free his fallen nation from the crowded Lusitania forces, led by the mysterious Silver Mask.”

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