J Cole keeps his promise to his biggest fan years later


After several years, J Cole has delivered on the promise made to his biggest fan. The rapper went to his graduation ceremony.

Rowan University, New Jersey. Wednesday, May 11. Cierra Bosarge has seen one of her dreams come true. An unconditional fan of J Cole, he went to the graduation ceremony for the class of 2022. A promise he had made to her years earlier. During one of their meetings, J Cole had told the young woman that he would celebrate his graduation from high school if she entered university. Two years after this promise, the rapper from Dreamville Records did well at Rowan University.

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But this isn’t the first time J Cole has shown his support for Cierra Bosarge. In fact, they’ve been in touch for almost 10 years. In 2013, the young woman called a radio station to express her desire to receive a happy birthday from J Cole. Unfortunately, this initiative had not yielded much. However, 3 months later, Cierra does receive a call from her idol, who even invites her to meet him in person. In an interview with Complexthe young woman confides. “He said to me, ‘I know I’m three months late, but happy birthday.’ He laughed at me when I was crying, but he said when he came to Philadelphia he would like to meet me.”

Cierra on J Cole: ‘This man has done so much for me’

Eventually, Cierra and J Cole meet. On this occasion, her admirer gives her a letter, which she had kept for years in case she would meet her idol. “In the letter, I tell everything I have experienced”explains Cierra. “The adoption, my parents’ addiction to drugs, in prison and on their release. At the time, both my parents were in prison, so I asked him if he could come to my graduation since they couldn’t. J Cole, very touched by these confidences, contacted the young woman again via Twitter. “I’ve read your letter, twice now. I admire you. I’ll be at your graduation… Only if you’re going to college for a 4-year degree. Go on !” Two years later, he stood side by side with the proud graduate.

“This man has done so much for me”Cierra is moved. “I could never thank him enough. He is the gift of God. Every night I prayed for this day, and it did come. He told us about all his struggles through music and I saw how far it took him. Now it’s my turn. I have to keep making Cole proud.”

This year, for Cierra’s second graduation, many of her classmates shared photos of J Cole’s appearance on social media. Ibrahim Hamad, producer of J Cole and co-founder of Dreamville Recordsalso took the time to praise Cierra for her hard work.

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