Jensen Ackles describes the boy soldier as ‘the analogue of home’

Boys star Jensen Ackles dives into the similarities and differences between the upcoming Subh Boy Soldier and the current Homelander.

Jensen Ackles has some thoughts on the similarities between his character Solider Boy and Homelander by Anthony Starr in the boys.

“It’s the analogue of Homelander,” Ackles explained in an interview. SFX Magazine. “He was the original guy. There was no model for him. He created the model. You’ll probably see some similarities between the boy soldier and the Homelander, or even many of the Seven.”

In the original Dynamite Entertainment comedy series, Soldier Boy is a chicken-heart parody of Marvel’s Captain America, who led the super-team known as Payback (a cartoon about the Avengers). Unlike the Corrupt Heroes of the Seven, the boy soldier’s patriotism was not an act, as he maintained a naive approach to his role, not acknowledging the corruption around him. However, the character had no qualms about hurting others or abusing his powers.

Like Captain America, Soldier Boy received a drug to boost the ability to fight the Nazis during World War II, making him the world’s first known “sup”. Ackles continued, explaining, “This was a guy of trial and error. He did a lot of great things, and he did a lot of things very wrong. It’s interesting to be the new guy on the set, but playing the character he’s there has been the longest.”

Season 3’s promotional material relied heavily on Captain America comparisons, implying that the series will take a more serious approach to Soldier Boy than the source material, which depicts the famous hero getting his pants wet. Ackles stated that the character should be the “Grandpa Soldier”, given the war hero’s sour and angry outlook on life. “It gave me real texture, and some fun notes,” Ackles said. “It’s the mentality of the older generation. He’s an actor trapped in a high-tech digital world. He definitely doesn’t belong.” The latest trailer for the series revealed that Soldier Boy will show explosive energy powers, shocking Billy Butcher.

The Prime Video adaptation doesn’t closely follow the original Ennis and Robertson comic series, making it hard to guess which direction Season 3 is headed in. The character of Ackles will be an integral part of the plot, as the upcoming season will explore Payback and shed light on the history of Stormfront, with the premiere title revealed to be “Payback.” In November 2021, Prime Video released a photo of Countess Crimson, another Payback member.

The first three episodes of boys Season 3 will air on Prime Video on June 6.

Source: SFX

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