JL Tomy finally participated in the PNL tour


Seven months after the Z Event 2021, JL Tomy took the stage with MMZ during the PNL tour, as it was (almost) promised.

Those who had experienced it live could not forget it. So they waited. Indeed, last October during the Z Event 2021, JL Tomy had then reached €100,000 in donations. A significant stage which was to take him on stage alongside DTF during the PNL tour. Seven months later, the PNL tour has indeed started. But DTFs have had some complications. So, as (almost) promised, JL Tomy took the stage alongside MMZ.

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JL Tomy on stage, strongly Nekfeu live

JL Tomy went on stage with MMZ at the Zénith de Toulouse on May 15. The one who claimed live that Nekfeu had “classic zeros” reminds us of the fond memories of the Parisian rapper. Because if this kind of donation goals are starting to come true little by little, this means that we should soon be entitled to Amine’s live with Nekfeu. Indeed, during the Z Event 2021, the streamer had crossed the bar of 50,000 euros which promised “a live posed with Nekfeu“.

Last April, Amine was already increasing the pressure explaining that the live would take place in less than two months. Today fully in the period covered by the streamer, mysterious Seine Zoo posters have appeared in Paris. What fully assure us that the return of Nekfeu, solo or with the S-Crew, is closer than ever. Which means that the first public speaking in very long months is also getting closer. Can’t wait for the Z Event 2022 therefore, for other connections between streamers and rappers.

In the rest of the news, the inspiring speech of PNL on stage: “The world is beautiful”.

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