Johnny Depp movies that flew right under your radar

“From Hell” is one of those overlooked gems that deserve more credit than they’ve been given. We wouldn’t throw out words like “classic” or “masterpiece,” but there’s so much to admire in this production of the Hughes Brothers (based on an Alan Moore graphic novel) that it’s such a shame that critics ignored it in October 2001.

Johnny Depp plays Inspector Frederick Aberlin, who embarks on a mission to stop the infamous Jack the ripper At the height of the murder spree in 1888. As Frederick approaches the case, and becomes involved in the care of a young prostitute named Mary Kelly (Heather Graham), he discovers a vast conspiracy alluding to British high society – perhaps even the Crown itself.

“From Hell” serves as a gritty thriller with some interesting (though actually silly) twists. Depp and Graham are fantastic while Ian Holm and Robbie Coltrane provide solid support in small albeit pivotal roles.

Really, this is the Hughes Brothers show, and the directors deliver plenty of suspense and goose bumps even when the plot flies off the rails in chapter three. the film Earned $74.6 Million All over the world when it was released, but it was released mostly ignored by critics as a very grim (and bloody) murder mystery. Take a look at this, if you haven’t already – and try it again if you didn’t stick with it the first time. You may be surprised by the results.

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