Jonathan Cohen chooses between Serge, Marc and F*cking Fred


Jonathan Cohen, who combines many outstanding characters, Serge, Marc or F*cking Fred, admits to having a preference for one of them.

Casually, Jonathan Cohen begins to accumulate many alter-egos over his series or videos. Among them, three have gained rather surprising fame. Serge, first of all, the sickly mytho which caused him to explode in Blocked. Marc, then, simple protagonist of The flame. Then finally the crazy F*cking Fred, who we discovered during an absurd video recorded with Orelsan. In The question boxthe actor admitted to having a slight preference.

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Jonathan Cohen on Serge: “It’s the most touching”

“I love all three equally, so there’s no jealousy”, he begins. Before finally, interrupting Mister V and Laura Felpin who speak in his place, to admit having a favorite. He indeed quotes Serge le Mytho: “I think it’s the most touching in real life”. And to approve, when Mister V explains that it was a click: “It was a little bridge. Serge le Mytho made it possible to make Marc and F*cking Fred».

Also: Jonathan Cohen tells the absurd story of F*cking Fred with Orelsan

In any case, a few days before the release of The torchFollowing The flame, Jonathan Cohen gave more details about Marc during these new episodes. “He still thinks he’s looking for love in ‘The Torch’. He’s still so stupid. He even exceeded a small level.. As a reminder, the first episodes of The torch will be published this Monday, May 23. Also: the touching meeting of Jonathan Cohen and the manager of the Out of Context account: “Come into my arms”

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