Jurassic League Makes One Big Change to Superman’s Fortress of Solitude

When a new interpretation of Superman sees the light of day, many fans are quick to notice the differences between the new version of the character and the original. Obviously, the biggest difference between the latest version of Man of Steel was seen in jurassic league Its dominant counterpart is that it is a real dinosaur and not an alien-looking creature.

The obvious difference between the two characters isn’t the most interesting. This version of Kal-El, aptly named the Supersaur, may be a dinosaur with superhuman strength, but there’s a more interesting difference to its origin, specifically how its version of the hero’s home in the arctic, Fort Solitude was formed.

The Supersaur and its version of the famous Superman house first appeared in jurassic league No. 1 (by Juan Gideon, Daniel Warren Johnson, Mike Spicer and Ferran Delgado). Remarkably, the castle of solitude in this world is not in the arid arctic tundra but rather in the midst of the vast and vibrant flora and fauna of the Jurassic period. While Superman has moved his fortress to the places where he had more life before, this time is different. This version of the famous site cannot even be called a fortress of solitude since there are many other people who call the site their homes.

Castle of Solitude was originally supposed to be a place where Superman could be alone. This is something the hero appreciates given his superhuman hearing that makes him fully aware of all the problems of the world at once. The calm and serenity of the castle, due in part to its remote location, makes it an ideal place to rest and recuperate. jurassic leagueCal-El took an opposite approach with his castle. Rather than isolating itself from civilization, it is at the heart of the world’s version of Metropolis.

Supersaur, despite being a super powerful dinosaur that arrived from outer space, is still adopted by two people. As with the Kents in the regular DC Universe, this version of Kal-El learned how to be a hero from them, and inherited their kind hearts. With just how aggressive the Jurassic can be, this version of Superman seems to have taken it upon himself to build Metropolis as a way to protect humanity. When he first appeared as a complete hero in this world, he was surrounded by a thriving community that was all helping him build this completely new community.

Part of what the Supersaur and his human family are doing while they’re building Metraaarghpolis is building the castle itself. Traditionally, the Fortress of Solitude was created thanks to the technology Kal-El’s parents placed in the Krypton Chamber when they sent him to Earth. The Supersaur didn’t seem to have anything of the sort. Although his version of the castle appears identical to that seen in Christopher Reeve Superman Films, it was built by hand from wood. Like the rest of Mitrarajpolis, the castle of solitude jurassic league It is a community effort.

That is why the Jurassic version of Superman’s house cannot be called a fortress of solitude. Although it is clearly similar in design, it is the exact opposite of polarity. This structure represents everything its mainstream counterpart does not and has more in common with Kent Farm than it does with Castle of Solitude or Metropolis.

The presence of this structure says a lot about this version of Man of Steel. Like his mainstream counterpart, he has a big heart and has created a peaceful and prosperous society for all. This aberration actually makes sense since this Kal-El has nothing to do with his alien heritage and is likely to embrace his human heritage more than that.

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