Katsuyu is the strangest and most powerful animal summoning

in World NarutoMany ninjas are able to summon animal companions. These summonable animals are often much smarter than normal animals and can talk, and many help the ninja in combat or other duties. For example, Kakashi is able to summon a group of ninja hounds that can help him track down targets, while Jiraiya and Orochimaru can respectively summon huge frogs and snakes to help them in battles.

Any summoning of animals can have its uses and be a major asset to any ninja. However, one summonable animal stands out from the rest. Both Tsunade and her student Sakura can summon an ingot named Katsuyu. At first glance, Katsuyu may look like any other summoning animal that can help in combat, but she is so much more than that. Katsuyu possesses a long list of strange and powerful abilities that easily make her the most powerful summon.

Katsuyu can’t be killed

All summon animals come from a different world. When a ninja signs a contract and uses the summoning technique, he can transport a creature of his choosing into his world. Usually, the more chakra used, the more powerful a creature they could summon. Summoned creatures can return to their world whenever they want, but they can also be killed in the world they are summoned to, as Fukasaku was during the fight with Pain.

However, Katsuyu works differently from other animals. It is a giant slug capable of splitting itself into different bodies. When Tsunade and Sakura try to summon her, only a small part of her body is transferred to their world. During the Fourth Shinobi War, Tsunade claimed that she and Sakura together were only able to summon a tenth of Katsuyo’s entire body. The part they summoned from Katsuyu was as big as a mountain range, which meant that the real Katsuyu’s size was ridiculously large.

This feature in Katsuyu has many benefits, especially in combat. Since only a part of Katsuyu is teleported, this means that she can never die when summoned. If the summoned part is damaged or injured, Tsunade and Sakura can simply summon another part which is quite OK. They do not risk losing their animal companion in a fight like other ninjas. As long as they have the chakra for the jutsu, they can always reach Katsuyu.

Katsuyo is a capable fighter

Although Katsuyu lacks fangs, claws, or hands to use as weapons, she is still able to be effective in combat. As a slug, Katsuyu can spit out a strong stream of acid. This acid is strong enough to dissolve through hard rock. In fact, Katsuyu is able to hold her huge serpent against Orochimaru’s personal summons Manda.

Katsuyo’s ability to split is one of her strongest. Her ability to divide herself into smaller copies allows her to avoid attacks such as Manda’s Constriction. This gives her much more durability and dribbling skills than most other summons. These smaller versions can also operate independently of each other, which means they can corner a target or fight multiple opponents at the same time.

Katsuyu is also the perfect summon for information gathering and communication. All Katsuyu clones can remotely communicate with each other regardless of distance. Furthermore, Katsuyu can be summoned by multiple summoners at the same time. During Pain’s attack on Leaf Village and the Fourth Shinobi War, Katsuyu played a vital role in sharing important information and keeping everyone informed.

Katsuyu is a powerful healer

Katsuyu’s full potential is revealed when she is paired with a medicinal ninja like Tsunade or Sakura. Katsuyu’s clone can attach itself to an injured person, and can direct her summoner’s chakra to heal her. This gives the summoner a form of remote healing. They can provide medical care to multiple people without exposing themselves to enemy attacks. Tsunade and Sakura were able to heal all of the allied shinobi forces thanks to Katsuyu.

The nature of Katsuyo’s body allows her to change the shape and structure of her figure. This ability allows her to encapsulate individuals within her own body, protecting the individual from further harm. Tsunade used this ability to save the lives of several villagers when pain wiped out the village. So Katsuyu is the best support summon, especially when she combines her strength with a wizard.

Many of Katsuyu’s abilities are unique and strange. These abilities often annoy many of the characters around them, but they also saved many lives. Katsuyu may not have the same level of destructive power as many other summons, but its benefit more than makes up for it. When it comes to summoning animals, the large slug Katsuyu ranks far above the rest.

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